Why You Should Doing Business With Indonesian

350 years ago , the dutch , spanish , england , portuguese came here for our herbs and spices

By Kratomind Team

Indonesia are amazing country , we all know indonesian herbs very famous in the world. 350 years ago , the dutch , spanish , england , portuguese came here for our herbs and spices.

Beside herbs and spices,we also rich in earth resources such as oil,gold,nickel,wood,and many more. This articles is not for over-prouding purposes. The point we want to inform is a main reason why – as businessman / entrepreneur – you should look at indonesia

So here’s why you should doing business in Indonesia

1. Indonesia Herbs

When you going to kitchen, using spices to cook , those spices might comes from Indonesia.We have cinnamon,moringa oleifera,ginger,nutmeg,coffee,garlic,longjack,turmeric and many more.

2. Earth Resources

Do you know a company named Freeport? Freeport is one of the world’s leading mining companies. They operated in Indonesia with under the name of PT Freeport Indonesia. They work in exploration, mining and processing ore containing copper, gold and silver in the highland areas of Mimika District, Papua Province, Indonesia.

Freeport only one from hundred companies operated in indonesia. It’s a proof indonesia earth resources very rich.

3. Wide Opportunity

As a developing country.indonesia government really support investment coming. There is various business you can run in here

4. Indonesia Currency Rate

Compared with US Dollar,Indonesia currency is very low. If you run business from here with export orientation,it will be perfect. Earn USD and pay production cost using IDR

5. Government Support

Our government erased around 60 investment law to make investor easier to form a business in Indonesia. No more hassle doing business in Indonesia

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