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I am asking for free sample

We didn’t provide it for now

Payment Gateway Offer

We are interesting with your offer but we don’t have required document for your services such as EIN / SSN


Send us an email,write your business and your website link. We will verify it. Once it’s approved,we will display your link on our promotional link pages

I see warehouse option in front page,what does it mean?

We plan to move all production to U.S and other countries,and ship it from there. With this way we can avoid unstable condition in indonesia

Our warehouse now :

United states : Washington (Kratomind) and North Carollina (Under US Kratomind)

Other warehouses will coming,just pray they will not ban kratom soon

I have trouble with payment options you provided
  • Kratom industry attacked from many angles,our government that we hope will fight for us are attack us now. Probably you hear about kratom ban in indonesia this month. The battles not end yet,they still fight for ban kratom 🙂 
  • If you want help this industry,is easy. Learn how to use bitcoin and cryptocurrency
  • By learning how to use bitcoin,you help everyone involved in kratom industry and other industry which criminalized by government (Like hemp / weed industry)
  • Click here for detailed guide
I Hate Bitcoin

If you hate it due to bitcoin price volatile , you can use USD Coin or USD Tether. It’s USD in cryptocurrency version

1 USDT or USDC equal with 1$

Remember,Once coin sent,you can’t draw it back. Only use it in reputable trustworthy vendor

Information about USDT and USDC please click here

Why your price increased?

We need to adjust the price with indonesia post shipping cost. We have no choices.

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