Batch Code

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we never write our shipment as kratom 

Primary Batch Code

Identify from last 2 digits number

Strain NameCode
Red Borneo01
Green Borneo02
White Borneo03
Super Red04
Super Green05
Super White06
Red Malay07
Green Malay08
White Malay09
Red Bali10
Green Bali11
White Bali12
Red Maeng Da13
Green Maeng Da14
White Maeng Da15
Red Horn16
Green Horn17
White Horn18
Red Elephant19
Green Elephant20
Red Dragon21
Green Dragon22
Bali Gold24
Red Natai (Discontinue)25
Green Velvet26
Super Green Maeng Da29
Forest Horn30
Turtle Horn31
Red Bentuangie32
Red Thai33
Green Entikong35
White Samarinda36
White Kasongan37
Red Signature38
Green Kasongan39
White Kasongan40
Yellow Kasongan41
Red Indo42
Green Indo43
White Indo44
Yellow Vietnam45
Red Jongkok46
Green Jongkok47
White Jongkok48
Strain NameCode
Red Sumatera91
Green Sumatera92
White Sumatera93
Super Red Sumatera94
Super Green Sumatera95
Super White Sumatera96
Red Malay Sumatera97
Green Malay Sumatera98
White Malay Sumatera99

Custom Batch Code

Sometimes we write the code in ascending, start from 01. If you get this code, please send Rizky an email

If you participated in our air cargo pre-order in December 2020. Check code from this pages: Freight Updates

Thank you for your business

We wish you health,wealth,and happiness

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