Who are you?

We are kratomind , direct vendor based in Indonesia

We provide Top Quality natural product from Indonesia with affordable Price

Nice to meet you

Nice to meet you too

What benefit you offer?

Very much , please read this Read before order

Can i call you first before order?

As long as you patience enough and can speak slowly , we will try to communicate by phone. All of our staff can write english but hard to speak or listen english trough phone call

Last time amazon sales got stressed out talking with us via phone


Item i want are out of stock

Email us and we will get it back faster

Any discount for large quantity order?

We have vendor pack for order above 100kg. If you would like over 50kg , please email us


Which payment method you provide?
  • Paypal
  • Bitcoin
  • Credit Card Coming Soon
Do you offer additional payment method?

Yes,you can contact us for discuss which payment method you prefer


Can i get free sample?

No, we are not offer for free sample pack.

Everyone who request for free sample pack, only want for free kratom and just dissapear once they got the samples.

Product i have received not look exactly like your website,is this a mistake?

Please be assured that our warehouse labels all strains correctly.

The pictures on our website are examples only and might not reflect the exact same color as the product you receive.

This is an organic, jungle harvested, product and there may be some small variations between each batch.

Do you offer lab-result?

No, we do not publish our lab-results to general public since every batch is different.

Please be assured that all of our products under strict control processes in order to assess quality and ensure the highest possible product standards


Who are you?

We are part of Kratomind global,Indonesia kratom vendor.

Visit our global site here

Nice to meet you

Nice to meet you too

What benefit you offer?
  • Good quality kratom with affordable price
  • Get your item faster than waiting overseas shipment
  • Safe and secure
Can i call you first before order?

No , contact us only from mail,facebook,instagram,or contact us button on page


Do you ship internationally from usa?

Yes before , Now , Not anymore. US International Shipping cost are very expensive

Do you accept COD?

Depend on how much you order

Do you offer rush shipping?

No , Please read advantage and disadvantage order from us in this link

Product and Sample

Do you accept return?

No. We can’t resell used product even it just for test

Do you give free sample?

We believe good business comes from good will. No,we can’t send free sample.You can buy in small pack for test

I receive wrong product,what should i do?

Contact us , tell us your problem , our officer will assist you Max 48 hours

We will resolve it don’t worry

So many strain choice,which one i must choose?

Choose anything by size and write on note what effect you desire (Pain relief,energizing,relaxing,etc) we will choose it for you