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Updated : 09 February 2020


Indonesian partner you can trust!

Good product,stunning customer services,professional company,good work ethic. Kindly check this to see what we can do for you

Simply click link below. Due to different time zone,it will be good if you make an appointment with us first


We ship from Indonesia for indonesia warehouse order and Ship from Washington,United States for US Warehouse order

Yes,we have make estimation time arrives based in our experience. Please kindly open this link :

Kratomind Buyer Guide

Yes. Check our delivery guarantee policy here

Kratomind Buyer Guide

Sure,you can click this link 

Kratomind Washington Warehouse


Send us message,and we will get back to you as soon

Yes. Check this link below. If you need more than 1 tons , send us a message

Vendor Pack : Kratom Pack Specially Tailored for Each Country

Understand our delivery guarantee policy and estimated time arrives. We ship from abroad,not from your neighbour house. Please be patience

Kratomind Buyer Guide


Please check this out

Payment Method

Kratom transaction is restricted by major payment gateway such as : Credit card,stripe,paypal,transferwise,moneygram,western union,etc

It will be a novel if we write it all. We need to hide our transaction and it just about time until they realize we sell kratom

We really encourage kratom community to learn cryptocurrency payment such as Bitcoin. You will help criminalized industry such as Kratom and Hep


We will consider it if you want to pay shipping cost

Please be assured that our warehouse labels all strains correctly.

The pictures on our website are examples only and might not reflect the exact same color as the product you receive.

This is an organic, jungle harvested, product and there may be some small variations between each batch.

We do not publish our lab-results to general public since every batch is different

We only give it if your order more than 100 kg

Please be assured that all of our products under strict control processes in order to assess quality and ensure the highest possible product standards

Helpful Link

Updated : 09 February 2020

Payment Method

Payment Method Kratom industry always challenging,government try to ban this...

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