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Global Announcement :

05/20/2019 : Several changes after holidays

  • We will discontinue some products
  • Extract will back in stock (Estimated 10 June)
  • Add enhanced red (Vendors outside usually sell this as Red full spectrum,etc)
  • Other improvement coming soon

05/06/2019 :

  • We will have very long public holidays in 27 May – 09 June. Make sure you have enough stock

03/15/2019 :

  • Standard post for United states and Canada are disabled due to much problem happen. Free shipping to US and Canada with EMS for order minimum 2 kilograms
  • We no longer ship to Mexico

02/04/2019 :

  • Indonesia post worker’s rally. Management said it doesn’t affect their services. Workers association said they give time to Post indonesia management to fulfill their right. Hopefully both party can solve their problem as soon as possible.
  • We see they still process all item like usual,just tracking problem still not fixed (See text below) . If they stop their services,we will inform you 

02/03/2019 :

  • Indonesia post regional tracking error. All item will traceable once it arrive in Departure gateway
  • DHL shipment will be enabled in Wednesday for Qty over 25 Kg
  • Shipping to Mexico are in problem. Item arrive in destination country longer than expected dates. for buyer from mexico,please don’t make an order unless you are really patience

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