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14 thoughts on “Order Tracking

  1. David Dupont says:

    Very satisfied, excellent quality. The Red Sumatra was oh so good, lovely mid day boost, milled to the perfect texture, my go to source.

  2. Nate Swift-Erslev says:

    Everything arrived in great condition and had a very nice surprise sample added to my order. Unbeatable prices, great quality product and shipping worked out well. I will definitely only be using this site in the future!

  3. Cody Lyberg
    Cody Lyberg says:

    Got a Kilo of Green maeng da and it was very potent and smooth on the throat. Waiting on a kilo of sample packs to come in the mail soon. Best prices and smoothest Kratom

  4. uswernerc says:

    I like this vendor!!! I got a rising star sample pack & I think ever strain was very good & hit for me, that being said i have very high tolerance so the fact that it worked so good speaks volumes…

    I guess I only noticed one negative, on my tea sample instead of being 100g it was only 60g but I am still ok because the price for the over all KG was so low!! I did like that the tea sample had resealable packaging & that would be my only ask fron this vendor but like I said for the price most Indo vendors don’t even use packing this nice so brovo

    at this point I will be using Kratomind for here on out! well done!

  5. Carolyn Farmer
    Carolyn Farmer says:

    Love you guys. Fast on your end (it’s the US who is slow by always sending it to customs, where it sits in purgatory –sometimes for weeks on end, before it’s delivered) and since this is for pain and is needed very badly (even more so for those with opiate addiction) the extremely affordable cost is much appreciated. Also, the variety is vast – and most of them are always in stock. I’ve never been disappointed with the potency of my order.

  6. Izabu says:

    Absolutely love you guys! This is my fourth time ordering and I’m always extremely happy with their product, speed in processing and professionalism. I also always get a free sample that helps me with trying new strands. You also can not beat their prices!
    I HIGHLY recommend this vender to everyone!
    Thank you for what you do and how you do it. Much Love!


    This is my 3rd order I was alittle worried my first order I thought I wouldn’t get it, not only did I get it I got it 2x faster than I expected. The quality cant be beat, the price cant be beat and the service cant be beat. I had a bit of a small misunderstanding on my second order and they took care of it on my 3rd order and I didn’t even ask, I love this place and I will be ordering from them from now on. Trust me place an order you will not be disappointed.

  8. peter says:

    Thank you verry much. I use kratom as a medicine againt my ptsd and anxiety. It helps me a lot and thanks to kratom i dont have to use other medication.

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