Good Website

We made our website with maximum effort , we want to provide you with clear information
We will not going to make very simple website which is costumer comes , buy , without having clear information. We are educating our costumer too with original article according to kratom uses
We care about you and what you consume

Profesional Kratom Pickers and Farmer

We train our kratom pickers and farmer. We only pick wild grown kratom,very old trees with height more than 15 meters
We have a good responsibility to giving our costumer the best quality kratom , never worry about our quality!
All leaf picked from forest in various states of Borneo

Clean and Sterile Environment

We are drying our kratom in sterile area , we don’t want our kratom get in touch with dust , or some harm material.
We are very concerned about your health , every batch production are tested in government laboratory. This is to ensure there is no contamination in our product

Ultra Fine Powder

Our grinding machine can grind until become perfect talcum powder , powder result will look like talcum powder which is can soluble in water
We don’t want hurt your throat

100% Wild Grown Kratom

We went to forest every week,searching new harvest spot. 
In next 3-5 month,we will visit every spot we found to harvest it. You can take part in our expedition by clicking link below
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Good Packaging

Never worry your stuff will spill out , our package comes with hard plastic , food grade material , and sterile
For Container shipment (Air cargo or Sea Cargo) packaging must be in 20 kg / box or 25 kg / box

Express Shipping

No matter how much is your order , our price include express shipping.
Only applicable for US and Canada customer
For Air cargo shipment,prices includes shipping cost and import brokers fees
Sit down and chill,waiting your pack come directly at home


Delivery Guaranteed

Due to uncertain law in indonesia,sometimes shipment have some problem.If any vendor claim they can ship whenever they want,it’s lied.
It’s important to ensure your vendor has delivery guarantee services
We are watching every package we sent . We are ensure our costumer receive their stuff
If you not receiving your stuff , just contact us . We are ready to help you

Excellent Costumer Service

Have a question ?
Business Inquiry?
Contact us , we will respon as fast as possible
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Increase Farmer’s Welfare

Buying from us mean you are participating on increase farmer’s welfare.
When farmer’s have good welfare,it means many new farmers will spring up,and we can maintaning world food stock
We are very concerned about farmer’s welfare , that’s why we include it on our company mission

Long Term Relationship Business

Business is important , but having good relationship around the world is more important. We treat our costumer like treat our family.
Want to share idea , need local guide when you visit Indonesia , have question about Indonesia
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