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Some key points you will love us. Our products and our works

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100% Wild Grown Kratom

We only harvest wild grown kratom. Tree ages more than 15 Years old

Delivery Guarantee

We understand make money is hard. Sit back and relax,we ensure your item will arrives safely.

Dealing with company

If you have problem with us,you will easily find us. We are not random vendor you meet on internet

Lab Tested Product

We test alkaloid content and contamination such as E.Coli and Salmonella

Product Values

We are ensuring our product didn’t use any pesticide

We go to forest every month,searching new harvest spot. When we found new spot,we didn’t harvest it immediately. We will harvest it around 10 kg leaf,and send those sample for checking mitragynine content

Some of check runned by our U.S distributors and partner. From there,we know which spot provide higher alkaloid content. Just like every plant,different soil create different taste. 

To consistently maintain a homogenous stream of kratom, we train our farmers and    leaf-pickers ourselves.  We only pick fully-grown leaves because their immature counterparts are not packed full of alkaloids — the “good stuff.” 

Further, we never use moldy, dead, overripe, fungi-laden, or insect-crossed leaves. 
Thanks to our strict quality control, our batches maintain comparable quality over time.  This means you’ll never receive a dud from us — only fireworks. 

We go the extra mile to make sure our product stays clean.  No animals are exposed to our drying area, unlike some other vendors.  Rest assured that we test new batches for Escherichia coli (E. coli) and salmonella.  Also, our team sterilizes our leaf-drying facility prior to each incoming batch’s arrival. 

We cooperate with health department states to test our product.

We have spend more than 10,000$ just to improve our grinding machine. Our mission is creating perfectly ground powdered kratom without reducing kratom quality

Never worry your stuff will spill out , our package comes with hard plastic , food grade material , and sterile.

For personal user purchases,we always pack it with standing pouch packaging,without kratom label . It’s safe and easy to use. No need to prepare empty jar for storing it

Shipping Values

5 years experience to more than 50++ countries,we know how shipment carriers and destination country customs work. We have passing trough all problem and still stand

For big order,more than 500 kg,we can ship using Both air and sea cargo. Never worry about your country customs,as we work with your local customs brokers,everything will goes smoothly

Free shipping to 20++ Countries

Customers Values

We made our website with maximum effort. We provide clear information about kratom,educating with our original articles,provide trustworthy news about kratom industry in Indonesia and the most important : stunning shopping experience

We are pretty sure not much indonesia website made this far. We keep improving everyday,so when you visit us in the future,it will always updated

We are available trough email and phone. 24 hours working,you can expect fast responses from us

We understand making money is hard,and it’s very hurt when you pay for something but item didn’t arrived.

Small orders or Big orders are the same for us. We offer delivery guarantee. We are very confidence with our shipment. We know which country is safe for shipment and which country is not.

There is much store cheaper than us but you need to ensure , will they take responsibilities if your pack didn’t arrived? Did they write clearly their delivery guarantee policy? You can read our shipping policy and terms of services clearly in the bottom of the pages

We understand some people are not comfortable receiving package with “Kratom” writed on the box. In here,we never write it as kratom

Dealing with company means if you have problem on receiving your packages (ex : package detained) , you can easily contact us. We will not run cause we maintain our good reputation. Compare it with personal vendor,without website . They can easily run and comeback to market with different name without you are noticing

Although not all personal vendor is bad. We just want you to look deeper,we spend thousands hours to create this website,with 80% original articles,complete information,product description,update it daily and many more

We are not interested to close the stores and create new website,spend another thousands hours. We will keep our good reputation

Social Values

Unfortunately, farmers across Indonesia are routinely underpaid. 

At Kratomind, we pay all of our farmers above market value for their self-harvest Mitragyna speciosa.  If we can help bring farmer’s welfare to our nation’s world of agriculture, Indonesia will soon be able to require fewer imports. 

Palm oil companies often burn the forest for clearing the land. If you are wondered why our government give very large forest consension right to palm oil companies,it is because states government need money to build their land. In short,they need very big companies to put investment in their land

By buying kratom from Indonesia – even you buy it from others vendor – you help indonesia to preserve the forest.  More kratom going abroad,more people knows kratom,more popular this herbs,more bigger the demand

We can ask our government to give us forest consension,empowering forest production,increase local welfare,and the world still have 2nd biggest earth lungs

We donate 10% from our profit for charity purposes

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