About Us

Who We Are

Kratomind was founded by 2 young men , while other young men engaged in clothing or cafe industry , we choose working on nature industry.

We’re not solely focused on profits, a mindset few other young people maintain.We genuinely enjoy providing kratom and other farmers with better livings.If we don’t aim to improve our fellow working-class Indonesians’ welfare, who will?

Our team often travels hundreds of miles in every direction to collaborate with other farmers, harvesters, millers, and processors to continually research the latest and greatest trends in the world of kratom.

Warm regards from Indonesia

Here’s what makes us different:

  • To consistently maintain a homogenous stream of kratom, we train our farmers and    leaf-pickers ourselves.  We only pick fully-grown leaves because their immature counterparts are not packed full of alkaloids — the “good stuff.”  Further, we never use moldy, dead, overripe, fungi-laden, or insect-crossed leaves. 
  • Thanks to our strict quality control, our batches maintain comparable quality over time.  This means you’ll never receive a dud from us — only fireworks. 
  • We go the extra mile to make sure our product stays clean.  No animals are exposed to our drying area, unlike some other vendors.  Rest assured that we test new batches for Escherichia coli (E. coli) and salmonella.  Also, our team sterilizes our leaf-drying facility prior to each incoming batch’s arrival. 
  • Our team guarantees that you will always receive your order in full and that it’s 100% accurate.  If you ever experience problems with us, please reach out to us immediately.
  • Unfortunately, farmers across Indonesia are routinely underpaid.  At Kratomind, we pay all of our farmers above market value for their self-grown Mitragyna speciosa.  If we can help bring farmer’s welfare to our nation’s world of agriculture, Indonesia will soon be able to require fewer imports. 

Our Branch Company

US Kratomind

US Kratomind ships to customers around the United States and is based in North Carollina

We maintain operations via our United States-based fulfillment partner because a majority of our interest comes from the land of the free and home of the brave. US Kratomind typically sends non-wholesale packages domestically.

Visit US Kratomind to see what service they offer

Texas Kratomind

Texas Kratomind ships to customers around the United States and is based in San Antonio,Texas

Texas Kratomind offer same price like kratomind global,ship from San Antonio,Texas. We also serve canada buyer from here

Texas Kratomind accept wholesale orders,no worry about custom

Visit us on Texas-Kratomind.com


If you’ve made it this far, we’re glad to see that you’re interested in learning more about our organization!Whether you’re simply researching top-notch kratom vendors, planning on purchasing from another vendor, or not prepared to buy anything today

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