US Air Freight #1
01 December 2020
02 December 2020
03 December 2020
04 December 2020
05 December 2020
14 December 2020

Starting Point

Our headquarters located in Solo, Central Java. To use Air Cargo services, we must drive around 600 km to Jakarta

Arrived in Drop Point

We drop the item at our forwarder warehouse

Manifested in CGK

Item has been manifested in CGK Airport. Dispatched today using Emirates. The plane route is CGK – DXB – FL

Arrived in Hub Airport

Arrived in DXB Airport. Preparing for next flight to FL

Arrived in FL

Arrived in FL Airport. Our brokers starting clearance process

On the way to warehouse

The item is on the way to our warehouse in Oak Harbour,WA

You can check the progress using this Pro Numbers

Pro : 221840974
Carriers : Archbest

We are awaiting the items to arrives in our warehouse. Their projected delivery is 23 December, but till now it’s still not arrived. We are awaiting a reply from the shipping courier (Arcbest). Deeply apologies for the late estimation. We don’t expect this long delay.

Thank you for your patience

Update 24 December

We’ve received a reply from Archbest Item should arrive in Mount Vernon hub on Sunday and will be taken out for delivery to Our warehouse On Monday the 28th. Stay with us, once it arrives in our warehouse, we will send all orders as soon as possible

Thank you for your patience and Merry Christmas everyone

Update 29 December

Arcbest didn’t keep their promise. We’ve to wait from 08 Am – 09 Pm and they still not deliver it.  We are heading to Portland today to self collect our item. We’ll update these pages once we get the stuff

Update 30 December

Ends of the wait. We got our items and heading back to Oak Harbor. It’s 30 December, 00.30 Am in Portland.

The estimated time arrives in Oak Harbor, around 11 Am. We will start ship your order at 02 Pm. 

Update 31 December

All order shipped. We are very sorry for the delayed shipment—so many holidays in December. We inform the progress as soon as we get and we are very transparent on what happened on our shipment.

Happy New Year!!

Batch Code

I see most packages have arrived safely. This is the shipment Batch Code. The Code is in ascending number mode. It’s for making our guys handle this much easier.

– Red MD / Code 01
– Green Kasongan / Code 02
– Super White / Code 03
– Red Bali / Code 04
– White Maeng Da / Code 05
– Bali Gold / Code 06
– Green Maeng Da / Code 07
– Green Maeng Da / Code 08
– Yellow / Code 09
– Brown / Code 10

US Air Freight #2
17 December 2020

Preparation Time

We are preparing for next cargo.

Ocean Freight & Air Freight

Work Flow


Pre Order Begins

This is your opportunity to get top notch kratom in very cheap price

Flight Begins

We will follow our flight schedules. We will inform if the flight are delayed

Flight Arrives

Our broker starts the process of releasing the goods. This process takes around 7 days

Trucking Process

Once the goods released, our brokers will send the goods to our warehouse

Goods Arrivals

We will segregate the goods and send them to you upon goods arrival


When you receive the item, it means we have completed our works.

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