Kratomind Buyer Guide

A comprehensive guide before ordering. Please read carefully

  • General Information
  • Shipping
  • Order & Payment
  • Common Problem
    • ship from Indonesia and U.S
    • If you wish to ship from U.S , please visit this link : Kratomind Washington Warehouse
    • We need 3 days handling process,we need to prepare your paperworks shipment carefully. 3 days are maximum handling time,commonly we ship it within 48 hours
    • Delivery Guarantee for legal state/legal country. Restricted country or you are not sure about your country law, please inform Rizky first
    • This is overseas shipping , please be patience . See “Shipping” tab for detail
    • Check “Shipping” Tab to check free shipping country
    • Tax or import duty are not our business. You can ask us to set declared value but if your request are irrational , we will suggest you to put rational value. Every country love tax , more rational declared value , more faster your item released
    • We always declare our shipment as non-kratom product / stealth shipping
    • Always check your country law,we are not responsible if you violating the law. We only ship what you buy,not checking your country law

Shipping Carriers

    • We work with UPS , EMS , Indonesia Post , DHL Singapore , and DHL Malaysia
    • If your address is PO BOX , you might need to pick it by yourself or call shipping carriers to arrange delivery to your non – Po Box address
    • Shipping using DHL Singapore and DHL Malaysia will have additional handling time around 2 – 3 weeks. Why?

Free Shipping Country (T&C Apply)



Terms and Condition


Min order ≥ 3 Kg


Min order ≥ 3 Kg


Min order ≥ 3 Kg


Min order ≥ 3 Kg


Min order ≥ 3 Kg


Min order ≥ 3 Kg


Min order ≥ 3 Kg


Min order ≥ 3 Kg


Min order ≥ 3 Kg


Min order ≥ 3 Kg


Min order ≥ 3 Kg


Min order ≥ 3 Kg


Min order ≥ 3 Kg


Min order ≥ 3 Kg


Min order ≥ 3 Kg


Min order ≥ 3 Kg


Min order ≥ 3 Kg


Min order ≥ 3 Kg

South Korea

Min order ≥ 3 Kg

United States

Min order ≥ 2 Kg

Order Flow

  • Add to Cart

    Add items you want in cart.Fill your address and email carefully and choose payment method you want

  • Complete Checkout

    Once checkout is complete,please wait for payment instruction. We will send it to your email

  • Order Confirmation

    Once we receive your payment,you will get "processing order" confirmation through email

Payment We Accept

Kratom industry always challenging. Beside government,destination country customs and FDA,we have hard problem on receiving payment. We offer various payment method,just choose according to your convenience

  • Bitcoin

    Bitcoin is a new currency that was created in 2009 by an unknown person using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. Transactions are made with no middle men – meaning, no banks

  • USD Cryptocurrency

    USD Cryptocurrency is a type of cryptocurrency that is referred to as a stablecoin. You can always redeem 1 USD Coin for US$1.00, giving it a stable price

  • Wire Transfer

    An old school method of money transfer

  • Other Method

    We offer other method but can't write the name here

It's pretty easy to solve. Just give them your payment proof


Commonly happen in : Europe country

If you can't solve it by yourself,Inform us through email or whatsapp,we will try to provide document they want


Commonly happen if you ordered kratom in capsules form

If this happen,usually UPS officer will contact you directly. Make sure your phone number is active and give them your tax number


Some country which need tax number writed on invoice : Brazil,India,Taiwan

It's only for U.S based customers. Just ignore their letter,do not pay anything


There is no violation of the law as long as your states is legal to possess kratom

We have made comprehensive guide here

Payment Method

Every banks / payment industry are against kratom. Not only kratom,they are against beneficial herbs like hemps and weed too

Please read our articles about this condition

Kratom Payment Gateway Problem

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