Air Freight Shipping

Explanation of how air freight shipping work

I’m sure many of you are not familiar with air freight shipping. In this post, we will explain the details, from definition to operational procedures

What is Air Freight?

1. Air freight is another term for air cargo that is, the shipment of goods through an air carrier. Air transport services are the most valuable when it comes to moving express shipments around the globe. Just like commercial or passenger airlines, air freight flies in the same gateways.

2. Air freight, on the other hand, means the amount to be paid for the transportation of goods by air. When goods are shipped from one place to the other, the amount paid for the movement of the goods is called freight. Therefore, air freight means the charges paid for air transport.

In short, we buy space on commercial airlines based on the port of destination

Parties Involved in Air Freight

This will help you to get a good understanding of air freight methods

  • Buyer Make a purchase and provide the necessary documents
  • Seller Their job is to prepare the goods and arrange the shipment
  • Shipping Agent / Freight Agent They act as a hub between the seller and the airline. We book space from them
  • Import Broker / Clearance Agent They deal with import clearance in the destination country. So buyers do not need to deal with customs directly
  • Forwarder They receive goods from customs and ship the goods to the buyer.
    Generally, import brokers act as forwarders as well

How Does it Work?

This is how air freight/air cargo works in general

  • Seller informs the air freight route and schedules to buyer
  • Buyer agrees. Seller accepts your order
  • Seller sends draft paperwork to the import broker in the destination country
  • Seller receives confirmation from the import broker
  • Seller reserves space on the airline via the freight agent and sends the final paperwork to the import broker
  • Seller sends the goods to the airline's warehouse. Shipping starts
  • Import broker will contact the buyer for the necessary documents. The buyer must submit the required documents
  • Goods arrive at the destination port. The import broker starts the customs clearance process
  • Goods released from customs. Import broker send the goods to buyers
  • Finish

it may look complicated, but it’s not. That’s because we explain in great detail.

No matter what item you buy, if you use air freight as the shipping method, the process is the same

Required Documents

Documents to be prepared or signed by the buyer

  • Power of Attorney. These are provided by import brokers. The buyer will need to sign it for the import broker to represent you at customs
  • VAT number or EORI number
  • Identity card

As simple as that

Why Use Air Freight?

There are many advantages over standard couriers

  • Cheaper Cost Air freight shipping greatly reduces shipping costs
  • Support Bulk Shipment In standard couriers, we can't ship items in bulk. There is a limit, and we cannot send it all at once
  • Support Door to Door Delivery We simplify the process, thanks to our excellent brokers. You don't have to deal with customs directly
  • Accept Small Order Usually, shipping by air requires a large number of orders, such as 500 kg. Thanks to our partner in Europe, we're able to accept small orders
    See our Collective Shipping

Our Air Freight Services

We offer a wide range of services in air freight

  • Air Freight Shipping Perfect if you need fast huge quantity kratom
  • Collective Shipping Perfect for people who are not in a hurry. Collective shipping offers very cheap prices with low order quantities
  • Forwarding Services Do you have a favorite vendor in your mind? You can contact your favorite vendor, and ask them to deliver the goods to our warehouse in Jakarta.
    We will handle the shipping for you

That’s all. We’ll add more information when needed. If you have questions, kindly leave a comment or contact us

You can participate in our collective shipping program, send by air freight from the link below



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