Green Malay

Malaysian kratom, which is also known as Malay kratom, is found in Malaysia as the name shows. It is known for its energetic and euphoric effects at low doses, while it becomes a sedative strain at higher doses.

Malaysian kratom is found in a variety of green veins and people who have experienced it acknowledge that the effects of this kratom product remain for a long time.


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Green Malay Kratom

Though all types of Malay Kratom leaves are beneficial, those taken from the green strands, which are given the name due to the green veins of the plant, are perhaps the most powerful! Unlike other Kratoms, its effects are the most sustainable. Compared to other green strains of Kratom, such as Green Riau, Green Malay Kratom has a much ‘smoother’ impact when it comes to stimulation. This is because green Malay Kratom has a higher concentration of alkaloids within an ever cubic meter of leaf than any other Kratom. This makes it an especially potent Kratom, especially for those seeking relief from pain with a simultaneous boost in mood.

Most strands of Kratom, such as Bali, can often provide relief from pain but also cause sedation or relaxation. But those people with strict or demanding jobs require pain relief as well we energy so that they can continue with their daily routine. This is where Green Malay Kratom works its magic by increasing blood flow to all regions of the body, especially the brain while numbing pain receptors to reduce awareness of fatigue or suffering.

Another reason why Green Malay Kratom is different is that when a user consumes Kratom, in whatever form, the effects that place usually happen simultaneously. This means that shortly after eating or drinking Kratom, a user will experience euphoria (depending on the type of Kratom) alongside a boost in energy, an increase in appetite, relief from pain, etc. The problem with experiencing all these effects together is that they all go away together when the effects subside.

Unlike other strains of Kratom, Green Malay Kratom effects do not happen at the same time. Instead, users have reported that they can enjoy a boost in energy for the first hour and increased euphoria and happiness after that period. This interesting mix of effects that take place one after another in unique to Green Malay Kratom.

How to Use Kratom Powder

1. Toss and wash method
2. Tea method in Powder Form
3. Add to yogurt or juice
4. Add to a protein shake

for more details read our guide here : How to use kratom powder


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