Modern Robbery

Imagine, you work all day long, ensure your customers get their items, give a delivery guarantee, and…Paypal steal your money

Imagine, you work all day long, ensure your customers get their items and give delivery guarantees to your customers, and then…Paypal steal your money

Paypal Options No Longer Available

Dear beloved customers, we will permanently close Paypal options on our website. We’ve thought about this for a long time ago, however, we didn’t do it due to many customers relying on Paypal

If we count our losses due to Paypal. approximatively around 7000$ from 2019 – 2021. This huge money will be very useful for business development, such as buying rotary drying or another grinding machine 🙂

We’ve decided to close Paypal options and we’re are ready for the consequences, such as you’ll leave us or our sales dropped sharply. We hope you understand our decision and really hope you will support us

If we didn’t get your support, we’ll close the store as soon as the kratom ban applied. If we get, maybe we can do something about the ban, such as stocking items again in the United States and Europe

Why They Steal Our Funds

Usually, when they ban our account, they will hold the funds for 180 days and then release it, give it back to us. In order to trick this, we sent back the funds to the original senders, and send them an email to send back the funds to our new account

Most customers do it, but there are a few customers who didn’t send it back to us. We know their name, we’ve sent multiple emails to them and still no responses 🙂

In the recent 3 bans, they didn’t return the funds to us. They steal it. They said it’s the cost of damaging their policy. They don’t care how much funds are left, 15$, 150$, 1500$, or 15000$, they will steal everything. We are enough with this shitty company

Modern Robbery


We hope cryptocurrencies will become more and more common in the future. No banks, no middle man, you control your own money, fully no restriction

Kratom is a very high-risk business, we have a lot of enemies -DEA Indonesia, DEA USA, FDA, Indonesia Customs, Destination Country Customs, Shipping courier, and major payment gateway-

We hope by closing Paypal options, we can reduce our enemies, reduce business risk, and save money for stocking in the U.S and Europe

Alternative Payment Method

We understand, learning something new is sometimes very inconvenient.

Once you learn and apply, you will get used to it. We've crafted related articles about cryptocurrency, we've good reason to force you to learn cryptocurrency 🙂

Thank you for your support

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