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Our team dedicates this guide to well-established customers, first-timers, and even those who aren’t interested in purchasing our product. We hope you change your mind, though we know you’ll find our fine, heavily-refined guide helpful. 

Thanks for visiting our website.  We truly appreciate it.

1. Every person’s body is inherently different — even those of identical twins.

If humans lived for an infinity, every body type ever birthed onto planet Earth would eventually be replicated in the future.  However, the chances of any two people being born with identical outward appearances, layout of capillaries, and other characteristics are so incredibly slim that we will never see such a phenomenon — more like a miracle — in our lifetimes.

Although two people won’t ever be born with identical cellular layouts, people can generally be grouped into categories of how well they metabolize, for example, alcohol.  Some people are “lightweights” that can’t seem to swig down two or three alcoholic drinks before becoming practically incoherent.  Others can tolerate 10 or even more standard-sized drinks without getting so gosh darn messed up, even if they have absolutely no tolerance to alcohol.

Some people experience unique effects from whisky, gin, or tequila — or whatever type of liquor one can think of — that their peers never or rarely experience; for example, many whisky drinkers report that America’s all-time favorite hard liquor can make them exceptionally aggressive or mean, though others might consistently become sad after consuming whisky and always break down in tears.

Enough with the alcohol!

As far as kratom is concerned, everybody metabolizes the countless compounds in Mitragyna speciosa differently from one another.  If nine others tried ABC Company’s Green Maeng Da kratom — ABC Company is entirely fictional and not based on any real-deal company, for the record — and reported weak effects, you could very well feel that that specific Green Maeng Da strain and batch is the strongest kratom you’ve ever tried.

In summary, always remember that you’ll never truly know how strong a strain, color, or batch of kratom is until you try it yourself.  Find what works best for you — and we’re going to help you find that ideal strain of good ol’ Mitragyna speciosa.

2. Further, one vendor’s Green Maeng Da, for example, isn’t going to be the same as every other vendors’ Green Maeng Da.

You’re probably thinking something like, “What’s with all the variation?”  Almost all newly-minted kratom users — even some experienced, well-seasoned veterans — don’t immediately understand that such extensive variation is true across all vendors as an inherent component of kratom.

Let’s consider how kratom is harvested and processed before going any further.  In short, kratom leaves are plucked from Mitragyna speciosa trees, a plant native to Southeast Asia.  Next, those leaves are generally washed of dirt, bugs, and other natural gunk.  Arguably the most important step is drying — some vendors string kratom leaves out to dry with a needle and twine, though others might simply lay leaves out on roofs or tarps spread across the ground.  Lastly, these alkaloid-packed dried leaves are broken down into small pieces — known as crushed leaf — or milled akin to milling wheat grains into flour — the latter process yields powdered kratom.

Take a look at that paragraph again.  Do you see how various vendors are highly unlikely to harvest, process, and handle kratom differently? 

These differences are the central-most reason why we teach our customers, non-paying readers — we love visitors to our websites and social media pages, regardless of whether those visitors are paying customers or not, for the record — and everybody else who’s contacted us or read our material that every kratom vendor’s products are inherently different from one another.

3. Just because a particular batch, color, and strain of kratom is relatively potent doesn’t mean that it’s appropriately-suited for your wants and needs.

Bare with us — I understand that suggesting the most potent kratom isn’t the best product seems contradictory at best, if not downright paradoxical.  However, a relatively strong product could be exactly what you’re looking for, though we believe types of kratom to be “good” when they most closely meet your needs.

Ask yourself — what are you looking for, effects-wise, from kratom?  You may, for example, have a full-fledged Bob Ross-esque palette of effects you desire to feel from the plant — Mitragyna speciosa is certainly our favorite plant known to mankind, and we feel it’s likely you will soon adopt such similar feelings after nailing down what types of kratom are most appropriate for you.

As with most things in life, something that’s good for us — at least according to virtually all of the readers of this publication, if not everybody on planet Earth — is something that garners high utility from its use.  Utility is a term used in economics to describe happiness or how much use one gets out of something — let’s just assume utility means how much satisfaction you derive from using a product, service, or anything else you could think of.

Think about this — many highly-potent strains of kratom cause nausea following their consumption, sometimes leading to users’ involuntary spewing of their stomachs’ contents.  Assume that you’re using kratom as a replacement for alcohol, for example, and take a relatively high dose to reduce symptoms of physical withdrawal. 

If a particular kind of kratom made you vomit following consumption but significantly reduced your cravings for alcohol, would you consider it a good strain for you?  Unless experiencing painful, discomforting bouts of nausea and vomiting are your thing, you most likely would agree with our team that strong kratom doesn’t always equal product that’s good for you.

Without further ado, here are several breakdowns of the pros and cons various farm-fresh, properly-processed, and well-handled strains we offer.
But don’t forget — every man or woman is unique and your particular mileage is highly likely to vary from others’ experiences.


These strains, as their aforementioned name implies, are ideal for people with weak stomachs, who are generally prone to vertigo, and other less-common side effects that you, specifically, may encounter.


Moderate side effects

Including the likes of Red Bali, Green Elephant, and White Horn, these strains are less potent than our Heavy Strains listed below, though they’re certainly a solid step or two above Red and Green Sumatera on the potency scale. Further, the following strains are generally more likely to upset lightweights or people with chronically weak stomachs.

Keep in mind that most people do not have issues with nausea, vomiting, heartburn, and general stomach-area uneasiness when using moderate doses of any strain — not just Red or Green Sumatera, strains with moderate side effects that are listed above, and even Heavy Strains often don’t cause these issues.  However, we feel that informing people of the potential side effects is key to maintaining the high level of transparency we value greatly; only a small sliver of users experience the aforementioned side effects.


Heavy Strains

The many strains you see below are often reported by our customers to consistently be highly potent.  As you’ve learned by now, Heavy Strains will be more likely than the above two tiers of kratom we offer here at Kratomind to cause various stomach issues touched on above. 

Remember: most consumers will not experience any stomach discomfort when taking any strains, batch, or color of our clean, safely-produced kratom.

Don’t be scared to take on the punch our Heavy Strains throw at our customers!  It’s not a bad punch, that’s for sure — best described as a warm, mood-lifting, stimulating-yet-relaxing blanket that effectively reduces anxiety.  But don’t take our word for it… try our Heavy Strains yourself.

Our team does recommend to titrate upwards from one or more strains in each of the above two categories prior to taking on our Heavy Strains.  If you decide not to titrate upwards using any of the several handfuls’ worth of strains listed above, please take a smaller dose than you normally consume when first using our Heavy Strains.


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