How Kratom Saved My Life #1 #IamKratom

My Stories & How Kratom Saved My Life

By Kratomind Team

When I was about 20 years old I got braces on my crooked teeth to straighten them out. Every month I would go back to my Orthodontist & he would change the wires on the braces & tighten them a little bit each time to bring my teeth a little straighter each month. So each month for about a week my teeth would really hurt me & my Orthodontist would not prescribe me any pain meds because he didn’t have a License to write any prescriptions.

I tried all the otc pain meds but nothing worked. I was in agony for about a week. That’s when I started getting Opioid Pills & pretty soon I was hooked on them just about a week. I just wanted more & more. I wore those braces for about 2 years until I had to have them removed to have an MRI of my head because I was having very bad Migraine Headaches every week but the scan turn out to be normal.

I also had Severe Chronic Depression since I was about 15 years old & I tried a dozen different prescription anti-depressants & none of them worked but when I started taking the Opioids I noticed that my Depression was completely gone for about 3 hours & then back to my Depression & back to my teeth hurting again. So far about 5 years I was addicted to any kind of pills that I could get my hands on to make my Depression feel better or just to get high.

I went to 3 Outpatient Rehabs & that kept me clean for a little while but then after a month or so I was back to using again. I must have stopped on my own about a dozen different times but each time I would start back using again within a week or two later. I overdosed 3 times, had 3 car wrecks & hurt many family members & many close friends with my addiction.

My addiction was totally in control of my Life back then. My worst overdose was when I passed out & I was rushed to the ER & my Oxygen Level was only about 80%. It’s supposed to be above 95% I think. I was very close to dying then.

I tried other Herbs & Botanicals & nothing would help my Depression or addiction. I also was Diagnosed with Mild Autism when I was about 27. I also have Social Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Agoraphobia, Migraine Headaches, Under-active Thyroid Gland & many more minor Health Problems.

Then when I was about 25 I found this Herb called Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa). Once I started taking it every day my Life completely turned around. I no longer had Depression, had No Urge to take any Opiates to get High. Kratom just made me feel like Life Was Worth Living Again.

I was more Social & had less Anxiety. My Migraine Headaches were much better. Everything that I did wasn’t like going through the motions in Life but Kratom made the Little Things Enjoyable Again instead of Dreading the Day To Day Things that We Do Everyday to Survive in Life. If I didn’t have Kratom I would have died years ago on pills.

Kratom helps with so many different aspects of my life now. It helps me socialize whenever I get out of the house, calms my anxiety, takes away any pain that I may have, my depression has been gone for 7 years now since I’ve been taking it, helps me with insomnia when I can’t get to sleep. I love to talk about anything to do with Kratom. I’ve learned so much over these 7 years that I’ve been taking it daily. It has never failed to work for me. It has never made me sick with any bad side effects.

It is a great antioxidant with numerous benefits that no other herb or botanical can hold a candle to. Nothing compares to Kratom. Kratom could help so many millions of people with their addictions to any drugs or alcohol. It also can help with withdrawals when getting off of any drugs or alcohol.

To me Kratom is the most valuable herb on the planet. It has so many benefits that no other medicine can match. Nothing comes close. There are so many different strains of Kratom that can produce different desired effects. Kratom is a very intricate plant. You don’t just take it & it produces the same desired effects every time. You can vary the dosage, mix different strains, consume it different ways or take it in different forms & each will produce a different very unique desired effect.

It effects each person a little differently so you will have to learn all about it & experiment about which strains & what dosages are best for you. I only take Plain Leaf Kratom. I stay away from any Enhanced or Extracts. I Highly Recommend only taking Kratom in Plain Leaf Powder Form & nothing else. I just hope they keep this Amazingly Wonderful Plant Legal for all of us to Benefit from.

2 thoughts on “How Kratom Saved My Life #1 #IamKratom

  1. Robby says:

    I was a heroin addict for 8 years and nothing ever helped me. Along with it was some serious anxiety and depression. I don’t care what anyone says kratom has saved my life this far 3 years I’ve kept a job communicated with my family daily. I can go into public without freakin out lol. Never mind the few deaths a year because more people probably die tiring their shoes in the morning a year. I promise if this ever gets banned you will be taking away the single best tool for drug addiction

  2. Emerald says:

    Kratom has saved many of my friends life from chemical genocide. If anyone is being real we all know what is coming from the government laboratory is mostly no good aside from a very few things like certain antibiotics.

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