Kratom Payment Gateway : Problem and Solution

Banks categorized kratom as High Risk Business. It’s very hard for us in Indonesia to receive money from overseas

By Kratomind Team

So..One weeks ago – when i write this articles- we have a problem with our payment gateway. I guess someone make fake order and then waiting our invoice comes then..Report it to paypal.

Thank you for inspire me making this article and make our family can’t buy some food. We must take some bank loans for paying our hard work farmers

Well then , life must go on. So i searching for other payment gateway , and it’s very hard. I check other vendors website and their payment method changed time to time. I am pretty sure they have same problems with us

Here is my random article about my journey finding perfect payment gateway for kratom industry,i dedicated this to my compatriot who rely on kratom industry

Challenge on Kratom Industry


Hard to Find Payment Gateway for Kratom Industry

Kratom marked as narcotic , some of them categorize kratom as High Risk Business. Well then they make kratom look the same like firearms industry,casino,and adult industry

Strict Competition

You use paypal or another instant payment method to receive your money. Then , someone ordered from you , i am sure you want receive the money first but the problem is this person just want to know what is your email address you using for receive kratom payment

Then boom , enjoy 6 month on hold money , old account with very good reputation , trustworthy and it will more hurt if you are also selling on ebay like us. Not all the money comes from kratom industry


There are many ways to receive payment even your herbs traditional remedies categorized like adult industry , fire arms and casino but you will have trouble on this , citizenship

Using E-check it’s good way to receive payment but you will need US credit card with issued address and bank account in US which is if you are indonesian you apply for this.


Payment Gateway Solution On Kratom Industry



It’s very good using bitcoin , safe and secure but not all people familiar with this method

E- Check

Perfect way to receive payment but it will be big trouble if you are not US citizen. Apply for e-check need US bank account and credit card which in this case you must have address in US

Indonesia Credit Card Payment Gateway

Safe secure and practice. In Indonesia , kratom categorized as “Jamu” , and indonesian traditional remedies made from plant so it’s absolutely legal in here

The problem is , Indonesian regulation. All of credit card transaction using indonesian payment gateway , currency must be in IDR.

And they only accept credit card issued in indonesia

Money Booker and Western Union

It’s Perfectly good , no one will report you by receiving money from kratom industry. The problem is , for some people it not convenience , if you are a new vendor , most of buyer will avoid this method cause there is no protection to them


I think that’s all i can write. If you are a buyer and willing to doing business with us , please do it with confidence. We better not sold any item than risk our New paypal account. We have responsibility on our family , our employe , our farmers.

We really appreciate your trust , we are doing business and in business , trust are more precious than money. Have a good day good people

5 thoughts on “Kratom Payment Gateway : Problem and Solution

  1. J says:

    Sorry that you had trouble with your payment gateway, and with your finances 🙁 Maybe Stripe could work for you?

    1. Steve Bono says:

      Haha yeah , thousand dollars on paypal and i only can see it :'(
      Yes , it work with some trick

    2. Kadek Jos says:

      Stripe considers kratom a restricted business, unfortunately, so that won’t work.

  2. Tracie says:

    Definitely, what a magnificent website and educative posts, I will bookmark your website.All the Best!

  3. CRO says:

    Hope you find a right solution! Let us know if you find a good payment gateway –

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