I Take Kratom And It’s Not Working. What Should To Do?

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Kratom not working? Our article this time will discuss the important thing you may ever try to search this on google. Thanks to our loyal customers who inspired us to create this article. They are and we believe that many people are figuring out how to maximize kratom consumption.


Kratom has many kinds and sorts to be consumed and sold out there. Starting from powder, capsule, tablet, and extract even now you come across kratom in resin form. So before you claim that you are immune to kratom naturally, which is very rare, we will discuss factors why you are not feeling the effects of kratom.

Need to be underlined, the following factors we summarize from various sources. The main source, we interviewed via email and messenger. Then we found out from questions in forums and tips from our various pen friends.

1. Facts about an empty stomach when you consume kratom


Unlike several other medications, which will be taken on a full stomach without problems, kratom potency will be dramatically decreased this approach.
The reason is kratom powder is dry plant material, your body has to figure extra exhausting to digest it properly, and with a full stomach, this method will be slowed all the way down to the extent where you don’t notice the effect that it is having on your body.
For those who are new to kratom, taking kratom on an empty abdomen is crucial for anyone looking to get the most potent effects.

2. New batch or old batch per vendor

Like most other ingredients of consumption, the new or least output of a product will affect the potential of the good. At kratomind itself we have the time to replace old batches and new batches, we replace batches of products that are aged 3-4 months so from that every customer we will feel our powder fresh because we always control our own batch. Average vendors out there have a standard to replace a new batch of one year, which we think the standard is less fresh to consume.

Tips for you, ask the vendor you are going to buy the kratom about their batch, whether they are always changing the batch and how long their batch time span.

3. The Harvest-time Factor

Another factor is the harvest time, which is the time to harvest the leaves of kratom, in kratomind we have a standard routine to harvest kratom. Every 3-4 months we harvest kratom leaves from the old and sturdy tree of each type of vein to be natural raw material we process kratom to your hand.

Tips, ask how long your vendors pick or harvest their kratom leaves. Young leaves have less potent to be the basic ingredients to process kratom naturally.

4. The dose of kratom consumption

You probably already know the exact dose if you want to consume kratom powder. Yes, everyone has different doses when it comes to consumption of kratom. Are you starting to consume kratom? Surely your dose is different from someone who has been consuming kratom for a long time.



This one fact has been known to many kratom users and every kratom user has the prefer strain they need. If you are in need of kratom for natural pain relief, you will not get the maximum effect of kratom that adds energy, such as white vein.

For new users we recommend to try kratom with green or red strain. Tips: ask your vendor, strain for beginners, they usually understand if they know their own product.


6. Different people SO different tolerance

According to most of our customers who are willing to explain to us, kratom tolerance is one important factor in kratom consumption. We found out why you should know when you will consume kratom again if kratom not working after your first kratom this week. This is because everyone has different metabolism and is formed over time. So our advice, do not hurry for consumption kratom again, record and give your body tolerance. Your body is your right.

kratom tolerance-kratomind


Other new tips will be added. Feel free to comment below to spread awareness and knowledge. Let’s grow our community better and make this wonderful plant to give us the better effect.

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