Kratom in U.K

A guide before ordering kratom from indonesia to U.K

By Kratomind Team
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In last month,our sales manager -Anjas- receive much inquiry from U.K . Those U.K stores which send us inquiry,mostly has problem with shipment and their previous supplier

If you are U.K based customer and has been buying from U.K kratom store,probably you receives their email regarding delayed shipment / seized shipment in August – September – October

What make things more worse is their current supplier refuse to take responsibility on packages.Saying the problem comes from indonesia post,etc . Some of them already waiting for 2 months and still not get their item

As experienced kratom vendor,i want to write about shipment to U.K , what problem might happen when we ship to U.K and how we take care of it , let’s go


Kratom is ilegal in U.K

As we know,importing kratom to U.K is not allowed. Seller need to be tricky in order to ship to U.K

Indonesia post Transit

When you got packages from indonesia,and shipper using Indonesia post,it will transit in UAE airport. In UAE,they will inspect your packages,if they think your pack are suspicious,they will hold your packages,only god knows when they will finish their inspection
Another issue is,transit time are unstable. Indonesia post never transparent on their tracking,if packages have problem in transit,they will not giving any updates. Call indonesia post and they will give “Answer template” like : we will call you back , and -mostly- they did not do it🙂
If your item goes smoothly in transit,heading back to U.K , it will face another customs performed by U.K customs. If seller pack it very good,it will goes smoothly.
Estimated time for them to inspect is 5 – 15 days. Averages is 5 days
Beside detention,problem might happen is : Invoice value. It’s very rare cases but sometimes U.K customs will ask for payment proof
it’s very rare case,usually,they never ask for it

How to avoid loss

Before you buy from indonesia,make sure you read seller shipping policy. Some seller might give delivery guarantee,some of them are not. Becareful on this process,you don’t want to regret if you are asking this after send the money
Since this is kratomind site,i will write our shipping policy to U.K. Our shipping policy is clear,the best you have ever seen maybe.
    1. Estimated time arrive to U.K using standard post are 10 – 25 days count from “departure outward” status. Averages is 10 days. in case indonesia post transit is longer than usual,we will reship your item 🙂
    2. Estimated time arrive to U.K using EMS post are 7 – 15 days count from “departure outward” status. Averages is  7 days. More than 15 days,we will reship your item

Customs and delivery guarantee policy

Our policy is simple : if it’s not released more than 15 working days – count from when item in customs – we will reship your packages or refund , depend on condition

Preparation before ordering from indonesia

    1. Most indonesia seller using whatsapp for transaction,ask for their shipping policy before pay
    2. Be patience. It’s overseas shipment. 
    3. If you choose EMS as shipping carrier,please read this first : About EMS Shipment
    4. UPS shipment works very good to UK. Glad to inform,we are able to use UPS shipment now!
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