Kratom in U.K

A guide before ordering kratom to U.K

By Kratomind Team

Last Update : 12 September 2020

Kratom is very popular in United Kingdom (U.K). However,since covid 19 outbreak,U.K customs tightened their security check,not only for incoming person,it’s applied to all incoming packages too. I will say it’s very hard to ship kratom directly from indonesia to U.K

Kratomind itself has around 15 packages detained in U.K customs. As a company with very good responsibilites,we have refunded around 2,000$ to our U.K Customers. That’s very though days.

In this articles i will tell you about kratom shipment to U.K

Kratom is ilegal in U.K

As we know,importing kratom in U.K is not allowed. Seller need to be tricky in order to ship to U.K Most vendor has “Delivery Guarantee” terms,mostly,they will refund your money if package is seized BUT they didn’t responsible for any legal consequences. 

Keep in mind about this legal consequences.Read your country law carefully,and make sure,if bad things happen,you will not arrested.

How to Avoid Loss

Let say you have read your country law carefully and ready to buy some kratom. I am sure you have lot’s of vendor to choose. Before you buy from indonesia or Europe vendor,make sure you read seller shipping policy. Some seller might give delivery guarantee,some of them are not. Becareful on this process,you don’t want to regret if you are asking this after send the money

Since this is Kratomind site,i will write our shipping policy to U.K. Our shipping policy is clear,the best you have ever seen maybe.

If your item detained. We will refund 100% of your money

How to Increase Your Chance in Receiving Kratom in U.K

We have doing several research,ship from various country to U.K . Our research shows shipment from “Strict” country are have more percentage to success

    • Austria
    • Cyprus
    • Belgium

I hope someday U.K will fully legalize kratom. Thanks for reading,and i hope this article help you out!

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