Kratom and Diabetes

In light of the diabetes epidemic, patients are realizing the critical importance of finding ways to help better manage this life-threatening disease

By Diabetes Insider

In light of the diabetes epidemic, patients are realizing the critical importance of finding ways to help better manage this life-threatening disease. Those who’ve been diagnosed with diabetes must live with not only physical side-effects, but emotional and mental impacts, as well. 

So, what can be done to lessen the burden diabetes puts on those who have it? 

Kratom may be the answer.

In this article, we will cover the benefits of kratom in those who’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, including how this natural botanical has been scientifically proven to reduce episodes of high blood sugar in diabetics.

Can Kratom Help Diabetics?

Although this is up for debate, there are many diabetics who say that taking kratom has helped them manage some of the factors that affect blood sugar levels, such as chronic pain or heightened anxiety. All of which can cause an increase in the stress levels of our body. In turn, the liver will release sugar into the bloodstream, as it does whenever the human body is “stressed”, or has feelings of stress. For a diabetic, this can be a major problem. Running high blood sugar levels often leads to very serious, sometimes fatal, consequences. 

Alleviating stress for a diabetic makes a positive impact on their health, but that is not the only benefit kratom has for people with this disease. 

Kratom is known to help minimize pain in a natural and non-addictive way. By easing the pain we feel, our stress levels lessen as a result. On that same note, many people say kratom helps with their anxiety by lowering stress levels. Of course, both of these are signs of the health benefits kratom can offer to those suffering from diabetes. But that’s not all – kratom is reported to help subside food cravings and prevent overeating, another hazard to the body of a diabetic. 

Diabetic Neuropathy is a type of nerve damage that can occur if you have diabetes. There are four types of Peripheral neuropathy, often referred to by diabetics as “pins-and-needles”, is a type of nerve damage that can occur in people with diabetes. Damage is most often prominent in the hands and feet, and in many cases will result in chronic pain, numbness and weakness within and surrounding the affected areas.   

As you can see, there are many benefits to using kratom as a way to help treat several of the negative effects diabetes has on the body. Another perk is the fact that most everyone in the U.S. can purchase kratom online from a reputable vendor, and experience the benefits of this botanical for themselves!

Scientific Evidence of Kratom’s Impact in Diabetics

Long ago, even prior to recorded history, the native people of Southeast Asia were reaping the benefits of kratom plants. Some of which include its analgesic and stimulant properties, ability to boost one’s mood, ease stress and induce feelings of relaxation, as well as (you guessed it) alleviate chronic pain – offering pain relief for diabetic neuropathy, without the laundry-list of negative side effects associated with synthetic painkillers (opioids). 

In today’s world, there is a major emphasis on finding a natural, non-addictive medicine or supplement that can provide pain relief to people suffering from chronic illness. Urgency in finding that solution is at an all time high, as the rise of addiction and overdose-related deaths in America has surpassed epidemic proportions. 

So, what’s the answer to America’s opioid epidemic? Kratom may just be a perfect solution.

Media and news outlets have picked up on the fact that kratom usage is increasing in popularity, as patients scramble to find an all-natural alternative to traditional, lab-made pain pills. Due to this recent influx in press coverage, kratom has truly hit the spotlight for study and research groups around the world. 

Amazingly, the most significant breakthrough researchers discovered about the impacts of this natural botanical in connection with type 2 diabetics, is that it has been shown to help restore insulin function – the answer to significant relief for type-2’s, the most common type of diabetes. This information was discovered by a group of researchers who conducted a study titled, “Study on Glucose Transport in Muscle Cells by Extract from Mitragyna Speciosa and Mitragynine”

Now, that’s not to say kratom would cure type 2 diabetes, by any means. But it has been scientifically shown to regenerate pancreas functions. Both diabetics and those struggling with other diseases (particularly those that cause chronic pain), are hopeful for the future of kratom research.  

Kratomind Author Notes

As native which is living around kratom trees,kratom has been proven to be used for decreasing blood sugar level. We don’t know about scientific proof etc,all of our plant knowledge comes from our ancestor

In india,they have ayuverda,in china,they have sinshe (China traditional doctors) and in indonesia we have Jamu

People in indonesia mostly doesn’t care about scientific proof. As long as their grandma / grandpa use it and it’s safe,we will take it

Main rules we must follow is : Do not use while pregnant,do not mix with doctors prescription medicine,stop it if you feel no effect

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