How To Start Drinking Black Coffee

Some people don’t like black coffee because they say it’s too bitter and strong for them. But, if you want to be healthy, you should give it a try?

By Coffee Dorks

I started drinking black coffee when I was in my early teens. Perhaps it was a cultural thing since my family and our neighbors drink Barako or Liberica every morning to start the day. This traditional coffee bean can only be found in 2 provinces in the Philippines and in Malaysia. It has a strong, earthy and intense taste similar to the quality of Robusta.

While I don’t mind additional creamer, I prefer the strong smell and taste of black coffee, especially if it came from freshly ground, high-quality coffee beans.

I won’t say I’m addicted to it because I can go on weeks without it, but it is a household staple and it has become a part of my day. When I started working as a nurse, I drink black coffee for a quick boost at the start of my night shifts. I just stick with one cup no matter how tempting it is to continue through the night so I will be sleepy when I get home.

Why Black Coffee

Coffee is popular for many reasons. It gives you a kick when you need to stay alert and focused, helps you relax and it contains high levels of antioxidants and beneficial nutrients to keep you healthy as well!

Studies show that coffee lowers your risk of suffering from certain diseases, such as:

    • Type 2 Diabetes- Drinking at least 3 cups of black coffee a day reduces your risk of developing this disease by at least 25%.
    • Obesity-Coffee is a natural metabolic booster. It boosts your metabolism by at least 11% and helps you burn more calories and lose weight fast.
    • Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Coffee can reduce your risk of developing neurodegenerative diseases by 65%.

How Many Black Coffee Cups a Day?

According to Mayo Clinic, it should not exceed 400 milligrams (mg) of caffeine a day or four cups of brewed coffee. Just make sure that you don’t drink cola or energy drinks in between, or else you may have to reduce your coffee intake—if you’re concerned about the amount of caffeine that enters your system.

Will You Go Black?

Do you like to savor your first cup in the morning? Make it black so you can taste the subtle flavors and nuances. You’ll enjoy it, even more, when you use properly roasted good quality beans. Personally, I only want to use cream and sugar when covering the taste of low-quality ground coffee.

If you are used to sweet and creamy coffee blends adding and you want to switch to black, slowly decrease the amount of cream and sugar until you are comfortable of trying the “real” coffee by itself. Or, maybe you should try it black, just so you will taste everything the coffee has to offer. Perhaps, like me, you will not look back right after.

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