How to be a Good Customer

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So, last week our website is down due to traffic and not optimizing content. So, we hire some expert to fix it and it takes about 7days. Gosh, and now ,we are ready to hit up again , writing some article , good read , not advert , we are not going give you nausea eating advertising everyday

Why this article is good for read? Cause if you be good , you will gain more respect , more smoothness for all aspect in your life , and more good relationship across the world

So here we are as a vendor, we would like to give you our point of view about how to be a good customer :

1. Please be fair as a kratom customer

Due to high demand of kratom , there is too much seller offering for free sample , and i am sure as costumer , you free to choose but the problem is some of costumer don’t want pay for shipping cost.

When seller ask you for pay shipping cost , you will not believe it how much it cost. God , please i will show you how cruel shipping cost in indonesia.

Please open Pos Indonesia , on bottom left side you will see 8 column. 3 column on top are from , destination , and weight

Type this :

from : Jakarta
Destination : Your country
Weight : 1500 gram (you will not like it when you order 1kilo but it arrive not exact 1kilo )

fill all column blank , except captcha , write the captcha and click search

you will see our killing shipping cost , there is 5 options. First options are registered post , second and third are Express shipping , forth are DHL and five are…just abandon it , it using sea freight.

The price are on Indonesian rupiah , just open currency converter IDR to USD , and you will see. In this business , we did big sacrifice..not much profit,just hope we can doing some business.

2. Know your country custom

As a good seller and always ready to lean our shoulder (only applies to woman)  we always giving our costumer guarantee item will arrive on home. If any problem with costum , we always ready to help but for smoothing delivery , we suggest you to give us knowledge about your costum , sometimes every country have different costum rule.

Example in germany , our package rejected cause we not put sticker NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION in package and of course , we always re send it , and learn from the past.

3. Give other vendor chance

I am sure most of you already have relationship with vendor , why not give other vendor chance?by doing this you are sharing fortune to other vendor , not focused only on one person. I am sure they will appreciate you very much

4. Don’t sell your kratom lower than market price

Do you know our farmer’s live from kratom? What happen if you buy kratom from 1 vendor , lot’s of quantity and then selling on europe under 50$?  Our farmer’s crying , baby..

I saw on group someone from US selling kratom 30$ / kg. Bro , our shipping cost per kg are 35$ , i know you as a kratom distributor get very low price by buying ton’s of kratom but..please don’t do that. Think again,you break stable kratom price,how much farmer you kill by doing this.

If you put terms of services like minimum quantity is 1 tons,it’s okay buddy. If you sell it 30$ / Kg without minimum order quantity,well…you kill whole markets and all people involved on markets

5. Be Patience

Kratom industry always challenging.The world attacked us from many angles. From payment gateway,destination country customs,and now in 2019 indonesia government want ban kratom

They monopolize shipment,force us to use Indonesia post,which is very bad on services and very slow handling time. Please be patience,understand overseas order always slow. If you want it fast,better get it from vendor near you

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