How to be a Good Customer

Did you know : Appreciate each other will improve your life quality greatly!

By Kratomind Team

So, last week our website is down due to traffic and not optimizing content. So, we hire some expert to fix it and it takes about 7days. Gosh, and now ,we are ready to hit up again , writing some article , good read , not advert , we are not going give you nausea eating advertising everyday

Why this article is good for read? Cause if you be good , you will gain more respect , more smoothness for all aspect in your life , and more good relationship across the world

Here is our point of view – as a seller – How to be good customer

1. Please be fair as a kratom customer

Due to high demand of kratom , there is too much seller offering for free sample , and i am sure human nature is : Can’t refuse free stuff lol. Main problem is most of customers didn’t want to pay shipping cost

Kratom price is cheap,shipping cost aren’t cheap. We appreciate if you ask for free samples and willing to pay shipping cost. However,we will not get mad if you ask for completely free stuff (free shipping and free stuff) . We will just ignore your email.

No matter how big is your store,good-will to pay shipping cost is important for us,it show your fairness and you prove yourself you are very worth for long term business relationship

2. Know your country custom

As a good seller We always give our costumer a delivery guarantee. If you have problem with your country costums , we always ready to help but for smoothing delivery , we suggest you to give us knowledge about your country costums. Every country has different rules.

Example in germany , our package rejected because we not put sticker NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION in package and of course , we always re send it , and learn from the past.

3. Give other vendor chance

I am sure most of you has favorites vendor , why not give other vendor chance? by doing this you are sharing fortune to other vendor , not focused only in one person. I am sure they will appreciate you very much

I know Austrian Buyer named Mr.Addr . He has buying from around 10 vendors – as we know,maybe more – . In Borneo,Mr.Addr have a nickname. Santa Clause . Every vendor in here love him

4. Don’t sell your kratom lower than market price

Do you know our farmer’s live depended in kratom? What happen if you buy kratom from 1 vendor , lot’s of quantity and then selling in Europe or U.S under 50$ per kg without minimal quantity?  Our farmer’s crying , baby..

You will kill farmers which selling from facebook or another social media in low qty such as 1 kg – 10 kg. It’s ok to sell as low as possible but please put Minimal order quantity. Breaking market stability isn’t good.

5. Be Patience

Kratom industry always challenging.The world attacked us from many angles. From payment gateway,destination country customs,in 2019 indonesia government want ban kratom,and i am sure every year we will get new problem

Please be patience if we have problem beyond our control,like customs problem or carriers problem.

6. Avoid Bad Word

You are an adult with responsibility. If you just want to spread your bad word,then my dog can do better than you. If you have problem,just communicate nicely,talk until your problem solved.

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