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Regarding corona virus pandemic,we are from kratomind want to inform you what happened in Indonesia,how it affect kratom industry and kratom shipment

Kratom Shipment

1. Bulk Shipment Stopped

This is only affect whale buyers which buy in qty more than 200 Kg. We use Singapore airlines to ship in bulk,as singapore locked-down,the flight is limited and the price increased greatly,not affordable anymore

If we force to use it,they will see this as opportunity to increase the price,even when pandemic ends,their price will never go down anymore. So we – and others kratom association – decide not to use them

2. UPS and Indonesia Post Services Still Works

Both services still work as usual,although it might delayed around 1-3 days,they still deliver the goods

Updates April 2020 : Indonesia post close their services

3. Destination Country Tightened Their Customs Inspection

We have seen most country tightened their customs inspection. Shipping successful rate become lower day by day. We are considering to close shipment to some country due to high detention rate

4. DHL Works with Some Notes..

I see in someone in some forum said some farmers can ship using DHL. They are right,i want to add some notes in here. They ship it using DHL singapore

There is handling time around 10 days – 14 days before your tracking moving,because :

    • Items need to be dispatched to Singapore first. There is a flight each day to SIngapore,they only can carry maximum 500 kg kratom each day
    • Your item will be in queue,because this is the only shipment works. They got much shipping orders.
    •  Detention rate is very low. Since item comes from singapore , most destination country customs wouldn’t have thought that this is kratom
    • They only accept bulk shipment,minimum 20 kg with plastic packaging. We can’t use our standard packaging
    • Patience is needed,remember,this is the only bulk shipment method works,so all vendors use this kind of shipment right now

So..there is long process before your tracking moving. 

How We Deal with Covid-19

1. Farmers Still Work Like Usual

Our Farmers located in deep forest,there is no case about Corona in our harvesting spot. We control environment and farmers everyday

2. Strict Standard Operational Procedure

Before corona pandemic,we always applied very strict operational procedure,like wear mask,gloves,soap and hand sanitizer everywhere

3. Experienced in Disaster Condition

We active in non-profit organization called Solo Medicare. We act both as donors and volunteer. We are trained to face pandemic condition. We applied this knowledge in our works,creating very good S.O.P

What happen in Indonesia

1. City Lockdown

Most city in indonesia is lockdown. In first week of lockdown,stupid people in here still action like nothing happened. Night club still open,seems like there is nothing to worry. In the next week,most people realize corona threat is real,as the suspect is increased greatly in just one week

If you are wondered why i say city lockdown not country lockdown,it’s because indonesia government give decision to city government to decide by their own,depending on how much cases happen in their area

Current situation now : Most people following government instruction for physical distancing and wear mask when going outside. Most company following “work from home” policy

2. Panic Buying

Hmm it’s happen in all part of the world,it happen in here too. Hand sanitizer,mask become rare and price become not affordable. It’s not an issue now cause some big company has turn their production into primary stuff needed right now,like fabric company,they are producing mask and skin care company turn into hand sanitizer company

3. 90 days Lockdown

Indonesia government announced to extend quarantine time to 90 days. It means all city lockdown in indonesia will be around 90 days. Covid Rapid Test tools just arrived yesterday (when this articles writed) so we predict the suspect number will increase greatly

4. 14 Days Quarantine

The government applies quarantine policy for traveller. Even you just going to neighbour city,you’ll quarantined 14 days in some place provided by government

5. Fasting Month is Coming

In 23 April,we will enter “Fasting Month” , 30 Days fasting and then followed with very long holidays. In Fasting month,there is not much people works

6. Long Holidays and Pandemic

As we said before,after fasting months end,we will have very long holidays. When long holidays comes,all flight will very busy,causing extreme delays for shipment. Beside long holidays,we still fight with pandemic.

We believe covid cases in indonesia is not in peak yet. Before that happen,it’s much wiser to stock up now

Anticipating long holidays and uncertainty in Air Freight Cargo , We are offering collective sea freight shipment 

More details,please click banner below

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