Join Our Vendor Pack Program

Join Our Vendor Pack Program

The vendor program is a way for retailers and who owned headshop or online shop in kratom industries to build their businesses through our product list

Reason to Get in

Healthy Margins

Enjoy a win-win relationship– we offer our best kratom products designed to enhance your profitability, and you get a strong returning revenue stream.

Quality Control

Our quality control programs are comprehensive, from the product check to delivery of the finished product. Our product is extensively tested to ensure that it meets the highest standards for purity, potency, safety, and efficacy

A Strong Partnership

We are keen on building long-lasting relationships with a win-win approach where you can enjoy healthy margins for your business.

One Stop Shopping

Not just our top-notch kratom powder, but also handling package, choices of the pack, custom size, custom packaging color and much more


We don't compete with our partners. We know that our customers are best served with the expertise you bring to the table


We value their feedback as we believe they have a clear understanding of the market they work with

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