Air Cargo Progress

Update :

31 October 2018 :

  • We will not update this. All awaiting order 90% Fulfilled. Thank you for your patience
  • We will open order for US customer in 05 November 2018

26 October 2018 :

  • All awaiting order below 10 October has been shipped. 
  • We are start working on order above 10 October
  • US customer don’t make an order. We didn’t recommended it for now

21 October 2018 :

  • Our fulfillment service has been confirmed.Long awaiting ends.
  • We will serve US customer again in early November with new price and faster item arrive,ship from Texas. No more overseas shipment

20 October 2018 :

  • Shipment label created,awaiting our fulfillment partner answer. 
  • We have hundred awaiting order to process,since we can’t fulfill it in Indonesia,we trust our partner to handle it.
  • If somehow we can’t fulfill it in promised time All payment will be refunded
  • We will start selling again once they done repackage it into several weight and ready for business

19 October 2018 :

  • We disable US customer order temporary. We want to fulfill awaiting order first
  • We have start working to ship your waiting order