Air Cargo Progress

This is old cases in 2018. We want delete this but we thing,it will be good idea to keep this,as a history.

If you are wondering what happen in 2018 September – October,it’s about kratom shipment restriction

In 2018 September,China airlines which is work with Indonesia post refuse to carry kratom in their flight. It result in our packages are returned. What we do is emailing customers,offer them a refund or wait

We put all customers order in Eva Cargo,and ship it to Texas. Our guy in there handling our shipment and deliver it to our customers in US

Problem Solved and everyone happy. We are get used with all problems happen in kratom industry,make us grow stronger every single time


Update :

31 October 2018 :

  • We will not update this. All awaiting order 90% Fulfilled. Thank you for your patience
  • We will open order for US customer in 05 November 2018

26 October 2018 :

  • All awaiting order below 10 October has been shipped. 
  • We are start working on order above 10 October
  • US customer don’t make an order. We didn’t recommended it for now

21 October 2018 :

  • Our fulfillment service has been confirmed.Long awaiting ends.
  • We will serve US customer again in early November with new price and faster item arrive,ship from Texas. No more overseas shipment

20 October 2018 :

  • Shipment label created,awaiting our fulfillment partner answer. 
  • We have hundred awaiting order to process,since we can’t fulfill it in Indonesia,we trust our partner to handle it.
  • If somehow we can’t fulfill it in promised time All payment will be refunded
  • We will start selling again once they done repackage it into several weight and ready for business

19 October 2018 :

  • We disable US customer order temporary. We want to fulfill awaiting order first
  • We have start working to ship your waiting order
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