Due to Indonesian Visa is free and foreigner can easily enter, there’s a lot of request from people who want to visit our warehouse. They didn’t prepare anything (no plan, no money, luggage, etc). We encourage you to read the details before visiting.

“This is just itinerary for you guys while stay here, we didn’t pay and provide your needs (transportation, meals, hotels, etc). If you want us to prepare something for you, please e-mail us with hitting the button below”

Hopefully this itinerary will help you to predict the cost to visit here.



First thing first, you have to buy your return ticket and flight to Tjilik Riwut Airport (Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan). Our translator, driver and local guide will pick you up.The trip will take 3 hours from the airport to our warehouse (Kasongan, Central Kalimantan) and you will see beautiful scenery and friendly locals.

Feel the sensations to be the part of local people (Dayak tribes) by sleeping in the traditional house, fishing, ride a boat and if lucky we will eat magic mushroom! Cool right?




The journey will begin on the second day morning, we will explore the forest to see wild kratom, how the farmers harvested the leaf, try some leaves and many more.

We will provide you access to interview with local farmers, landlord if you want to.

When evening comes, we go back to the house and try the strongest kratom with > 1.3 mitragynine content.



On the third day, we will show you how the warehouse standard operational procedure. From drying kratom leaves with the sun, crushing, sieving, grinding until packaging & delivery with a truck.

You will know and learn all the detailed process there.Talented workers and professional farmers will explain what you want to know.

Don’t worry, we have professional team to maintain our quality. 



Last day, let’s say goodbye to our team and we will escort you to the airport. If you want, let’s visit Tanjung Puting National Park to see orangutan conservation, bekantan even crocodile in the real habitat. Wanna try?

For more information and booking, please email us with hitting the button