How will you Use Crushed Kratom Leaves And What is The Dosage?

The excessive Kratom tree is a widely popular and also trending herbal fix. For those who actually do not know about it, it’s the power pack from nature. With the use of Kratom, the need for drugs and drugs is unnecessary.

By Kratomind Team

The excessive Kratom tree is a widely popular and also trending herbal fix. For those who actually do not know about it, it’s the power pack from nature. With the use of Kratom, the need for drugs and drugs is unnecessary.

Who would not like a green alternative that is potent, efficient, and safe by effects? That’s the reason why the users prefer Kratom over harmful chemical-based drugs.

Using the Kratom leaves For the new users, the best idea is usually to get an initial experience. That’s a common problem that Kratom sometimes reacts with the body. This situation is normally uncomfortable and requires proper administration. In case somebody is new to it, it’s a good idea to start along with the simple strategies

Make a tea

The most widely used strategy is brewing a Kratom tree. The majority of the users endorse making use of the tea since it’s enjoyable. There’s no special equipment for making this tea. It is a lot more like a typical tea but with Kratom leaves rather than regular tea leaves.

How can you earn Kratom tea with leaves?

In order to generate Kratom tea, the person just has to have a pot of water, a stove, and crushed Kratom leaves. Just boil the water and add crushed leaves to it. Reduce the flame and allow it to sit for 15 20 minutes. Pour this fluid into the mug of yours with a strainer. It is going to make the boiled residual leaves to filter. Sip this particular tea right away while hot.
Kratom has a distinctive flavor that is different than any other plant-based tea. Although Kratom tea is a favorite of countless people, you will find many that think it is distressing. To help this particular, one can include a taste enhancer as honey or even orange to the tea.

Our Tea Recipe

    1. Prepare Kratom Crushed leaf
    2. Get some jasmine tea or jasmine flower
    3. Dry kratom leaf and Jasmin flower under the sun for 1 hours
    4. Add kratom leaf and Jasmine flower to the stove (We use 9 : 1 Ratio , 90% Kratom leaf and 10% Jasmine flower to enhance the aroma)
    5. Add enough water
    6. Boil it with small fire around 15 minutes
    7. Enjoy!

How to Use Kratom in Powder Form

1. Toss and wash method – This is the easiest method to consume Kratom. You just need to take a measure of the required dosage of the powder and toss it into your mouth. Once kratom is in your mouth, take a gulp of water and swill the mixture before you swallow. It is not necessary that you take the entire dosage in one go. Dividing the Kratom dosage into mouthful parts can be a good way to swill and also you can decide when you must stop.

2. Tea method in Powder Form – This is a time-consuming procedure. It requires the user to boil the Kratom powder in water for around 30 minutes. After that allow the boil content to settle down and then strain the liquid. This strain has much more consistent effects as compared to the toss and wash method but it is quite time-consuming too. The taste of the strain seems good enough even if consumed hot or cold. You can also mix your dosage with hot water and then strain the leaf residue and drink the remaining liquid. The liquid that is created using this method can minimize the analgesic effect of the drug.

3. Add to yogurt – If you do not like the taste of Kratom but still want to get high using the drug then adding it to yogurt is the best alternative. But it is recommended to take this mixture on an empty stomach for better effects.

4. Add to protein shake – This process is similar to adding Kratom powder to yogurt. But if you add it to protein shake then it involves intake of more calories. The effect of the mixture also varies a lot and it depends on the individual’s choice.

5. The capsule form of Kratom – If you are looking to avoid the taste of Kratom completely instead of just masking the taste then consume Kratom as a capsule. The capsules come in different sizes and dosages. It is also easy to consume while traveling anytime and anywhere without anyone’s knowledge. Generally, a size 00 capsule contains 0.5 grams of Kratom powder.

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