Kratom Market : There Is No Number 2 Soy Sauce

There is no number 2 or 3 soy sauce. All soy sauce are number #1

By Kratomind Team

So , this article inspired from my activity promoting our site to kratom groups. I see lot of advertisement in group said 

We have number one quality kratom sir

Our kratom are most potent , iam sure you will want it again and again

and many more. There is nothing’s wrong with that advertisement . I just remember some old indonesian proverb

There is no number 2 or 3 soy sauce. All soy sauce are number #1 

I know you understand what i mean haha , on this random article i want to write the history of this legend proverb


History of This proverb begin from soy sauce factory on Benteng Street 1 , Tangerang , Indonesia This soy sauce factory has biggest networking , distribution and their product are very popular

Established since 1882 , On production , under their logo they write his tagline

Soy Sauce Made In Benteng Street Number 1

Seems like it’s hard to remember long tagline , so they change it to

“Number 1 Soy Sauce”

This tagline are very easy to remember , and then all soy sauce factory follow their strategy
All of soy sauce advertisement right now are claim they have number 1 soy sauce

similar like what happen in kratom market right ? Anyway , i write this not for insult others, i write this because for me , this is funny. Posted on reddit and they are not curious about my product , they are curious about this indonesian proverb

So , if you read my advert using this proverb , i hope you read this LOL

How about our soy sauce? Of course our soy sauce are


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