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“How good is your kratom”

By Kratomind Team

Buenas Noches , I wrote this article on 22.00 Jakarta Time. It might be morning in US and Europe. Long time i’m not writing some articles , so this time i want to write about Frequently asked questions

“How good is your kratom”

In my opinion , as long as it suit your needs then it’s good. I give you an example , you need pain relief , then you buy from Vendor A.

You choose Red borneo strain , it gives you pain relief effect , then you praise him , this vendor has good reputation on your eyes.

Then , you try from different vendor , lets call it Vendor B. You buy red borneo or maybe another strain they offer.It’s good but since you demand pain relief and their kratom provide energy/stamina effect, then you mark this Vendor B as bad vendor.

It’s important to ask first with your kratom vendor. What is kratom used for , a good vendor can choose which one is the best for you

I think you understand what i mean.Let’s move to another question.How strong is your kratom,how best the quality it is. Please note , each body has different metabolism,imagine you are on night club,you takes 3 shoot of vodka and you are completely drunks while your friends takes 5 shoots and he still dancing with the girl without looking drunks

Every people has different reaction , it’s important to discuss with your vendor first before place an order.


It’s important to discuss with your vendor first, what is kratom used for and how much your daily dose. Kratomind provide consultation before place an order. Simply hit messenger button on our website , and we will be glad to help you

Have a good day everyone

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