Kratom Side Effects

So, about a week ago i receive message from sweet canadian on my facebook,he said he feel nausea when taking kratom.

By Kratomind Team

So, about a week ago i receive message from sweet canadian on my facebook,he said he feel nausea when taking kratom.

Another message comes from my friend in netherland,he said is it kratom safe for withdrawal,and what happen if i use kratom as replacement,and i got addicted by kratom?

Those 2 message inspire me for make this article,so here we go

1. First Time Taking Kratom Side Effect

When you are first time taking kratom,there are side effect of kratom you may feel

    • Slightly nauseated
    • Little bit dizzy
    • Increased body temperature

This is happen cause you are first time using it and maybe you are using it too much. Always start with lower dose,kratom has many strain,every strain has different effect

Here is some tips for you when using kratom for first time :

    • Know your problem why taking kratom,this is not recreational drugs,use it only if you have some purposes like pain relief,etc
    • Consult with your vendor,which strain they recommended for your problem
    • Always start from small dose

On , You can consult with us about your problem,we will very happy to help you

2. Long Term Kratom Effect

There is no proof kratom can cause cancer,heart attack,liver problem,or something scary you are read on internet. I have talk with my costumer around the world. My costumer average age are 50.Most of them has been using kratom more than 10 years,and they still healthy until now

If you having problem cause kratom , for first start , investigate your medical check up , liver work very hard when you taking pills medicine. For me , The only problem is kratom addiction and you burn your money for kratom,cause in EU , kratom price are very expensive

3. Kratom addiction , is it dangerous?

When did the word addiction become bad…

i wish i could stop my water addiction…

i wish i could stop my addiction to food…

i’m so addicted planting nature and make this world better..

i’m still addicted to living again..

4. Increased Kratom Tolerance

Using kratom everyday may increase your kratom tolerance. It’s no problemo,this will be worst if you are running out of kratom.My tips is,using it when you need it

2 thoughts on “Kratom Side Effects

  1. Yeah, right. Kratom must be legal as it helps to resolve many health problems and if it is taken under proper consultation of the doctor it is very good. It is also true that overdose can cause problems but other drugs can do the same if it is used excessively. The media & the internet hold many misconceptions about the use of kratom.

  2. Tony says:

    I served in the U.S. Army for 21 years. Three tours in the middle east. My back and neck hurts most of the time. The VA kept trying to push pain pills on me. Then I discovered Kratom the best thing I’ve ever used for pain. I don’t have any major side effects from it. Kratom gave me my life back.

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