Kratom Ban in 2024

It’s official now

Update : 11 November 2021​

One of our customers sent a link containing a statement from a high-ranking BNN officer. He said they will fasten the kratom ban, from 2024 to 2022

For your info, Indonesia is a democratic country, they can’t make a law without the house of Representatives’ approval. Yes they will ban kratom to satisfy FDA, DEA, and WHO but they can’t do it immediately

We believe the kratom ban will follow its first schedule, in 2024.

What IF..the ban actually happen in 2022?

We’ve around 2 tons of kratom sitting in the United States right now. The items come from our vendor friends which rent our warehouse in the U.S. You will be able to get supply from us, although it’s not our items. Our partner items are good too

Another alternative is, wait for us to fully move to Thailand. We’ve worked with Thailand and Vietnam farmers from 2018 – 2019, sharing knowledge and checking their farms

Indonesia officially will ban kratom in 2024. We will enter the “Transition Period” in 2023. They give us time to switch our crop, from kratom tree to something like Corn, etc

Main Reason They Ban Kratom

1. BNN Pressure 

BNN is Indonesian version of DEA. They are very ambitious to ban kratom. They spread negatives opinions about kratom, Treating kratom as new opium, stronger than opium, and very dangerous more than opium

They never inform the public about how kratom saves people from Opium withdrawal 

2. External Pressure from DEA – FDA – WHO

They are supported by DEA – FDA – WHO. Sadly, Indonesia’s public organization is not strong like AKA (American Kratom Association). Indonesia Kratom Association can’t do much like them

3. Kratom isn’t Primary Commodity in Indonesia

Comparing kratom with Coal, Gold, Oil, Palm oil is like comparing heaven and earth. The government (House of Representative and President) didn’t take this thing seriously

Yeah some members of the house of representative disagree with this, especially representatives from Borneo, but their number is not much, maybe just 5% of total representatives in the house of representative

4. We Lose in Public Opinion and Support

Indonesia is an archipelago island with 5 major islands. Kratom is only well known in Borneo and some parts of Sumatera. This means, most people don’t care about this because it doesn’t affect their lives

If they ban coffee, it will be a total riot lol, because it will affect many lives

Future Prediction

We believe this ban will not permanent. It is just for political purposes. Here is why

1. President Election in 2024

The current President, Mr. Jokowi, can’t participate in the next election because he already wins an election 2 times. The new presidential candidate for sure will gather public support as much as they can. If they want votes from Borneo and a small part of Sumatera, they will promise to legalize kratom

2. Kratom Monopoly

We predict, they will legalize kratom again with some notes. They will tighten the regulation. We believe these rules will happen

A. Kratom Export Permit

only a few companies are allowed to export kratom. Kratom export flow will be centralized, by doing this, the government can collect more taxes than before

B. Kratom Production Permit

Like export permits, only a few companies are allowed to produce and distribute kratom. Good things about this is, we will have kratom with a good manufactured standard

We are pretty sure they will only give permission to companies that comply with GMP standards, from machinery to leaves quality. The disadvantage about this is, these companies are able to control kratom leaf prices. The direct farmers will be greatly be harmed, especially if these companies are very capitalist


No need to panic buying, better saves your money and start stocking in August 2023. Prepare supply for a year. We believe the kratom ban will not longer than 1 year, except United States or WHO ban it.

That’s different problem 🙂

7 thoughts on “Kratom Ban in 2024

  1. Bruno says:

    Thank you very much for this detailed explanation. Kratomind is the best vendor hands down!

  2. Cheryl says:

    Maybe you could give instructions on the best way to keep kratom for long periods of time.
    Thank you Anjas and all who have helped us.
    Blessings!… from the USA

    1. Bono says:

      Good Idea Cheryl. We’ll make it as soon 🙂

  3. PoliticiansAreGarbage says:

    Time to start funding you a relocation for a new farm in Colombia or something. I’m sure they’d happily have kratom farmers instead of illegal coca farms

    1. Bono says:

      Good idea, if we relocate to Columbia, we will sell Ayahuasca / B. Caapi and Salvia D
      Before selling kratom, we are importing the Entheogen plant from Peru, Columbia, Mexico. We stopped because our favourite plant has been added into Narcotic categories by Indonesia Government

      By the way, we’ve worked with Thailand farmers since 2019. If the Kratom ban in Indonesia takes place, we’ll run our business from Thailand 🙂

  4. gustavo1912 says:

    wow, big pharma did it again. they are still trying to make billions while “”investing”” a few billions in sellout politicians…

    1. Bono says:

      There is resistance from Thailand, they fully legalize kratom and cannabis, but big company is involved

      Red Bull has started their research on kratom, cannabis, and its devariative
      We’ll see more capitalism in kratom business, it’s inevitable

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