About Indonesia Credit Card Gateway

Kratom are 100% legal in Indonesia. Unlike U.S , even it have legal status , the banks and payment gateway company keep attacking kratom by restrict their users to use their service for kratom transaction

Indonesia payment gateway allow their users to use their service for kratom transaction , since it’s legal and not breaking indonesia law.

However,this method has disadvantage.

All payment made must be converted in IDR and Pairs between USD and IDR really high

As you can see above , 1 USD equal to 13,782.10 IDR. let see how much is 63$ / a kilo of kratom converted into IDR

Too much number right. Well inflation hit our country really hard.High inflation come in 1995 , 1998 , 2010. I remember when i was a child 1 USD = 3,500 IDR . Never imagine in 07 April 2018 when i write this article , 1 USD :  13,782 IDR

Credit card payment gateway in kratomind.com

We work with famous payment gateway in Indonesia. Registered card processing company , safe and secure.


When buyer’s enter our site and choose credit card payment method , our system automatically convert their cart into IDR. Then buyer will redirected into our payment gateway website , we didn’t scrap your credit card data. Professional company take care of it

How much is the fee?

1% and your bank might charge you for currency convert fee but usually it’s not much (under 1%)

My payment fail , what should i do

Make sure you have enough balance , and identity are same like your bill address

Rembember , all payment will automatically converted into IDR . Don’t be scared seeing much number shown up in cart. As i mentioned above , it’s in IDR

I hope this knowledge clear all your doubt , if you still affraid , please don’t go. If you trust it , we are really appreciate it

for another kratom vendor who want use this credit card company processing , make sure you have Indonesia SSN or Indonesia bank account

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