The Best time to take kratom and Conditions

Consuming Kratom at the right time and condition is very important if you want to get the strongest effect

By Kratomind Team

Consuming Kratom at the right time and condition is very important if you want to get the strongest effect. Right timing and condition also let you know how good is your kratom quality. Good condition to consume kratom is when kratom on an empty stomach, and it’s good for doing in early morning when you wake up. Best time to take kratom.

For beginner maybe you will got some nausea when first using kratom. We suggest it to try ½ tea spoon kratom first,To reduce kratom bitter taste , mix it with lemon juice.

What If You Want to Take Kratom Again That Same Day? What does kratom feel like?

A good question to ask yourself when deciding whether or not to use Kratom is “how many times are you planning to consume Kratom?”

If you’re planning to use kratom 2+ times per day then make sure it is not close to your meals. I suggest you should wait around 2-3 hours before eating.

So, what it should look like is:

9:00 A.M: You just woke up. Kratom on an empty stomach, this would be the prime time to take Kratom. It is exceptional to have a small meal in the morning before taking Kratom. We highly suggest beginners do have a small meal before taking Kratom in the morning as it will prevent unwanted side effects.

11:00 A.M: If you haven’t eaten yet, or had your small meal, go ahead and eat. You’ll also notice that the aroma is starting to fade.

2:00 P.M: Take Kratom again. For some people, you might want to take a slightly larger amount (if you took 2 grams this morning, try 2.5 grams in the afternoon) of Kratom as your body has already started to build a tolerance. For some people, they can still take the same amount and still get the aroma including yours truly.

You can then eat after two hours later.

Note: Just a heads up, if you do decide to take Kratom on the same day, you’re slightly increasing the tolerance. I suggest that you should not take that specific strain again until 3 days to a week later. Instead, you should take a different strain the next day, and a different one the following day after that.

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