Kratom Ban in Indonesia

The futures of Kratom Industry. We write current condition and predict what probably happen next

2020 is a year when kratom start shining to non-U.S country,such as Czech,Brazil,and Europe. As it become more famous,the government preparing strong regulation to regulate kratom

On this articles,we summarize what happen in ends of 2019. If we hear another news,we will update it

JUNE 2019

Indonesia government,represented by Drug Enforcement Administration Indonesia (BNN) plan to categorize kratom as class 1 narcotic, In order to put kratom into class 1 drug,they need support from other government department,like health and food department and council support

In the same month,indonesia customs department hold all item categorized as herbs in departure gateway. They inspecting all packages and find HS Code violation

This violation makes carrier like FeDex,DHL,UPS get some punishment. They are not able to ship item categorized as herbs from now

In this month,all shipment goes like Russian roulette,some item departed smoothly,most item detained by indonesian customs

JULY 2019

Shipment resumed with notes : We only can use Indonesia post and EMS. EMS are global post company and their operator in indonesia is Indonesia Post (In U.S they work with USPS)

Carrier like DHL are not willing to ship kratom again. Accused with HS Code violation law are big problem for them.


Our government still work behind the scene to ban kratom. We might get surprised later. Current condition is news company like Vice,BCC,Kompas,CNN are writing about kratom and his controversy


We have 5 years time to switch our crops from kratom into common plant like corn,soy,and vegetables

Our Prediction

We believe 5 years time to change kratom plantation into vegetables plantation is just political tactics. Before kratom famous,Borneo people very depended on rubber,and rubber didn’t give us much income. Most people in borneo lives in poverty

Situation changed when kratom booming. We can lives well using kratom. Restricting kratom will triggering protest in Borneo. You can’t kill people’s livelihood without providing equal solution

If the government decide to fully legalize kratom,opposition will use this as amunition,use it as propaganda,make false news like “Current government legalize narcotics plant”

Both are unpopular choice. The best choice is give 5 years windows for farmers to switch their crops,and let next president to decide 🙂

3 thoughts on “Kratom Ban in Indonesia

  1. Paul Zasadny says:

    If the US FDA is responsible for pushing the Indonesian health authority to discontinue a smooth and regular supply kratom. If the FDA lies is truly behind this ban and there are letters to prove it. That there is a violation of U.N. National law for no Nation including U.S.A can instigate in any of that country laws or ways of life. I 100% bet you there is such a thing in U.N. Laws!I know there has to be something in U.N. Law regarding instigate or interfere in other countries laws and affairs FDA can not do it could result into a major violation!

  2. noah collins says:

    This Ban is very real. If we all really want to help, we have to be like Bruno Manser. Please watch Borneo Death Blow on Youtube. All the governments and companies are intertwined behind the scenes. The U.N. will never help. One world government only means slavery. Pharmaceutical companies (who kill thousands each year) hate kratom. Why would the people who want to keep us sick and dumb want something that allows us to get better? They think they own us like cattle, and kratom is a direct threat to their agenda.

  3. infoshba says:

    Money rules the world , who care about poor ppl and farmers – this world is fucked up
    Even if Kratom could be a cure for all the incoming Corona virus regardless it is proved that it’s good natural medicine, Pharmaceutical companies will use all their arsenal to kill this business just to keep control and enslave the customer, we should be strong and smart to fight back. Social media is more powerful now , way more than government media . wish you good luck fellas !

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