Kratom Ban in Indonesia

We want to write about kratom ban in Indonesia but our customers send us an email from American kratom association 

I think we don’t need to write anything cause AKA write it almost perfect

Kill the source and kratom will automatically disappear from market,smart move!

Update about shipment :

Indonesia government HOLD all shipment using DHL,FeDex,and UPS.
They only allow us to use EMS,a co-working company between Indonesia post and EMS global and regular post
Shipment will be longer than usual,if you are in hurry,please don’t order


Update 04 July 2019 :

Some shipment goes trough,some of them returned to us.Mostly returned.We will check every pack returned and email you for refund purposes

We can’t ship now

Save your stock,no one knows when shipment will resumed


Update 07 July 2019 :

Indonesia post works but we didn’t plan to use it.We prefer to wait DHL resume their shipment

Update 10 July 2019 :

We hear DHL works now and shipment resumed.Not sure,we will give a try.If it’s work,we will open again
Just get as much as you can,as long as the government not yet decide to ban or regulate kratom.Situation will never stable

Update 11 July 2019 :

DHL still not work,not sure it’s only in our states or our city branch not willing to accept it
Indonesia post shipment are stable
We will open order again,all pack ship using indonesia post. Estimated time arrive for EMS : 15 days after tracking updated

Thank you

*Post below are American kratom association email,we put their donation button for support them




AKA Chairman Dave Herman has given me permission to send this email to you today.

My name is C.M. “Mac” Haddow, and I have been fighting every day to protect and preserve your right to purchase safe and unadulterated kratom in the United States.

There is no doubt that the Trump Administration’s FDA has become the biggest enemy of kratom, and even with Scott Gottlieb now gone the War on Kratom is actually expanding.

Incredibly, the Trump FDA has convinced the Minister of Health in Indonesia to impose a ban on growing and exporting kratom — and an order has been issued to have all growers stop growing and harvesting kratom plants.

Those growers have just 5 years to come into compliance, and then a total ban is in effect.

The kratom farmers will have to start transitioning right away to protect their livelihood and that means big trouble for kratom consumers in the United States.

The bottom line is kratom exporters have also been warned they should stop exporting kratom.

The AKA asked me to assemble a Delegation to go to Indonesia to talk with government officials, and we did.

Former Congressman Matt Salmon, Utah State Senator Curt Bramble, and Dr. Jack Henningfield joined me in an official Delegation to meet with Indonesian officials last month.

When we met with the Ministry of Health officials, our worst fears were confirmed.

The Trump FDA’s lies about kratom had convinced the Ministry of Health that kratom was a dangerous drug and had to be banned in Indonesia. They used the same outdated, deeply flawed, and outright deceptive so-called “science” claiming kratom is an opioid, it is as addictive as classic opioids, and it is killing people.

Indonesia currently produces more than 95% of the kratom that comes to the United States.

If this ban is allowed to go into effect, it will effectively end consumer access to kratom in the United States, and the FDA won’t have to do anything more to declare victory in the War on Kratom.

Even if some black-market kratom gets into the United States after the Indonesian ban goes into effect, it will be so expensive that only the uber-rich will be able to afford it. And it will likely be extremely dangerous to consume because there will be no standards on growing, harvesting, and shipping.

Dave Herman, Chairman of the AKA, has asked me and others in the Delegation to go back to Indonesia and lobby the top-levels of government officials there that the Trump FDA is wrong, and how the Indonesian Ministry of Health has been badly deceived by them.

I am writing today to ask you to make as generous a donation as you can to the “Kratom Protection Fund.”

These trips to Indonesia are incredibly expensive.

It looks like going to Indonesia is now likely the most important action we can take to fight back against the FDA’s ongoing war on kratom – a war they have now extended to Indonesia.

We can stop this ban in its tracks – just like we did when the FDA tried to convince the DEA to ban kratom in 2016.

But the AKA desperately needs your help today.

We have requested meetings with top Indonesian officials for the 3rd week in July.

That means we need your commitment today to guarantee the funds are available for the Delegation to travel there.

The trip is brutally long – with flights taking nearly 40 hours each way.  And the cost of sending members of the Delegation is very, very expensive.

But if we don’t take the fight there right away, kratom fields will be converted to other crops, and access to kratom will end.

Please make the most generous commitment you can – and please do it today!


I have sat across the table from some of the Indonesian officials we have to convince to keep kratom legal, and we are making headway in exposing the lies of the Trump FDA.

But we must expand the list of government officials we meet with to fight against the Minister of Health’s current ban.

If we don’t do this now, we will have lost the War on Kratom, and the Trump FDA will win by stopping kratom being grown in Indonesia.

Please help. 

Please click the donation box below or the link above to make as generous a contribution as you can afford.

In reality, if we fail to act now – as in right now – kratom will no longer be available to consumers who desperately need it.

Your support and loyalty has brought us to this point where we are winning battle after battle in the United States in protecting your freedom to make your own decisions on your health and well-being.

That’s why the Trump FDA has taken the battle to where kratom is grown.

We cannot let them win.

Join this fight today! 

Please contribute to the “Kratom Protection Fund.”


C. M. “Mac” Haddow
Senior Fellow on Public Policy
American Kratom Association

Click here to donate AKA

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