Kratom Ban in Indonesia

We want to write about kratom ban in Indonesia but our customers send us an email from American kratom association
I think we don’t need to write anything cause AKA write it almost perfect
Kill the source and kratom will automatically disappear from market,smart move!

Indonesia government HOLD all shipment using DHL,FeDex,and UPS.
They only allow us to use EMS,a co-working company between Indonesia post and EMS global and regular post
Shipment will be longer than usual,if you are in hurry,please don’t order


Update 27 July :

DHL shipment works through other country departure gateways
Handling time 12 days cause they need to direct shipment to Malaysia first.

We will not use it.

Thank you

*Post below are American kratom association email,we put their donation button for support them

June 2019

Indonesia government,represented by Drug Enforcement Administration Indonesia (BNN) plan to categorize kratom as class 1 narcotic, In order to put kratom into class 1 drug,they need support from other government department,like health and food department and council support

In the same month,indonesia customs department hold all item categorized as herbs in departure gateway. They inspecting all packages and find HS Code violation

This violation makes carrier like FeDex,DHL,UPS get some punishment. They are not able to ship item categorized as herbs from now

In this month,all shipment goes like Russian roulette,some item departed smoothly,most item detained by indonesian customs

JuLy 2019

Shipment resumed with notes : We only can use Indonesia post and EMS. EMS are global post company and their operator in indonesia is Indonesia Post (In U.S they work with USPS) 

Carrier like DHL are not willing to ship kratom again. Accused with HS Code violation law are big problem for them.

August 2019 – September 2019

Our government still work behind the scene to ban kratom. We might get surprised later. Current condition is news company like Vice,BCC,Kompas,CNN are writing about kratom and his controversy

Political intrigue and Indonesia Post Business

We know much about this but really afraid to write. As you know,political intrigue mostly don’t have any proof of evidence. Freedom of speech in indonesia is not good

One thought on “Kratom Ban in Indonesia

  1. Paul Zasadny says:

    If the US FDA is responsible for pushing the Indonesian health authority to discontinue a smooth and regular supply kratom. If the FDA lies is truly behind this ban and there are letters to prove it. That there is a violation of U.N. National law for no Nation including U.S.A can instigate in any of that country laws or ways of life. I 100% bet you there is such a thing in U.N. Laws!I know there has to be something in U.N. Law regarding instigate or interfere in other countries laws and affairs FDA can not do it could result into a major violation!

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