Flashback : How we resolve 05 October 2018 shipment issue


This is old cases in 2018. We want delete this but we thing,it will be good idea to keep this,as a history.


Dear Beloved Customer

Due to China airlines refused to bring kratom shipment to United States,we can’t ship your item. Indonesia post are working with China airlines for shipment to United states. China airlines new policy makes our post office can’t ship kratom anymore to United States

We have another method to ship but it will need times. Please read below.

Our Shipment Solution

Since another shipment method like DHL and TNT are not affordable,we decide to use private air cargo shipment

Our air cargo shipment will be dropped in Austin,Texas,United states. We estimate our air cargo shipment will arrive in Austin,Texas on 22 October 2018

We will ship your item from Austin,Texas in 22 October (Our estimation dates)

  • If you agree with our solution, please inform us through email. Our estimation time might be changed, but we will keep up and give an update through our pages.
  • If our air cargo seized or item can’t be released in timely manner,we will issue a refund for you
  • Please read Q&A on bottom pages to get more detailed information

If you disagree with the solution above, we will issue a refund for you

Here is our refund procedure:

  • Tell us trough email to Sales@kratomind.com  if you want a refund. We will issue a refund in an hour via PayPal.
  • If you previously made payment via Bank Transfer, we can issue a refund in the same way but it might take longer time. We suggest to use PayPal so we can refund it faster. If you didn’t have paypal account and still want refund trough Bank Transfer,yes we can just inform us
  • If you previously made payment from paypal,you can’t asking a refund trough Bank Transfer

Some useful informations below might need to be known by you:

  • China airlines policy affect all indonesia kratom vendor. They can’t ship using indonesia post too. Some of them might can by disguising kratom into common legal herbs,but item will have higher chance to seized by custom
  • We don’t know when Indonesia post can ship kratom again in the near future. Last information that we’ve gotten, they have made contract with new Airlines in 2019. It means kratom shipment will normal again in 2019
  • In the rest of 2018 about kratom shipment using Indonesia post. We have no idea. Indonesia post on their announcement didn’t write clearly when they able to bring kratom again to United States
  • The policy of China Airlines about kratom shipment has been in effect on October 1st, but they have started to seize it in the middle of September for several packages. Some of our shipment in September are seized in Indonesia. You can find which order number affected with this  on Q&A sub on this pages

Kratom price might increase significanly since no one can ship via Indonesia post now

DHL and TNT might work but its cost is really expensive ($90 shipping cost/kg, in Bulk order around $50/kg that it’s not include kratom price and it also take higher chance to be seized in United States).

Once again, we deeply apologize about this condition. We also do not intend this problem would be happen. It’s hard time for kratom community, hope Indonesia post can make their policy about kratom more clearly in the future.

If you have any questions,please contact : sales@kratomind.com

Questions and answer

Shipping Solution for US Customer

I agree with your shipment solution,i want get my stuff. How long i will receive it?

We will start our air cargo shipment in 10 October. Estimated time arrive in our warehouse are 22 October. It just our estimation,it might be faster or longer

After item arrive,we will repackage it based on your order,and ship to you

If in half way i can't wait,can i ask for a refund?

No. Once you agree with our shipment solution,you must wait until 22 October. If item takes longer than our prediction,you can wait or ask for a refund. We will issue it for you.

What is the advantage of your shipment solution?

We offer same price,without additional cost. You can wandering on any forum or kratom facebook group,you can count how much indonesia kratom vendor can ship to United states right now and ask them how much their price now

We are pretty sure they will add an additional cost.

I agree , Will i get same item like my orders?

We only bring Kratom powder. We can’t bring capsules and crushed leaf or extract

If your order are Capsules or Extract,you need to rearrange your order. Please contact us trough email : Sales@kratomind.com

Don’t forget to write your order id

What strain you bring in your Austin,Texas warehouse?

Strain we bring to Austin,Texas

If your order strain didn’t listed in here,please make an arrangement,mail us : Sales@kratomind.com

My Order are not on your list

Please make a rearrangement order. Contact us by clicking on menu or click here

Would I need to pick the product up in Austin or will it still be shipped to my shipping address

No need to pick up in Austin. We will ship it to your home address after the stuff arrive

Thanks to our good guy in Austin

Order Problem

I ordered in the middle of September,why my order get affected by this policy?

As we mention above,The policy of China Airlines about kratom shipment has been in effect on October 1st, but they have started to seize it in the middle of September for several packages.

How i know my order get affected with this policy?

If your order has been completed,you should receive tracking number. Check this tracking number through our website : EMS.Posindonesia.co.id

If package status are “Posting” , and has been stuck for a long time,it means your package are seized by Indonesia departure office

If status are “Processed through facility” , it means your package are going smoothly

We have identify which order affected with this policy,and we have mail you all.

General Questions

I am non US buyer,is this policy affect my order?

No. All shipment except to US are okay. We watch it everyday and we gonna keep you updated

This announcement supposed for US Based customer,but we can’t limit people around the world to read

I received email from you contain announcement in PDF,it's confusing

We are very sorry about it. We make it really hurried. This website announcement are correcting PDF announcement,please ignore our PDF announcement

I still can't understand what happen and how serious it is,can you inform me?

Here is what happen

Indonesia post are working with china airlines for shipment purpose. Let’s say Indonesia post rent a plane.

The plane owner didn’t want to bring any kratom anymore.As a good tenant,Indonesia post must following plane owner policy

So,Indonesia post make an announcement they can’t accept any kratom shipment anymore. It’s hurt for them too since kratom shipment are really helpful,bring some export income,tax,etc but yeah they can’t do anything

From info we get,Indonesia post signed a contract with other airlines in 2019 and kratom shipment listed on their agremeent, It means 2019 kratom shipment from indonesia will normal again

for rest 2018? We have no idea

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